Monday, February 3, 2014

Working hard to strengthen the Branch

 Kyle is in an area with a branch.  The branch needs strengthening.  He has felt like the most important thing he could do would be to strengthen the branch.  It doesn't do any good to keep baptizing people if the branch can't keep them active.  I told him to pray about it and do what is in his heart. leaders think missions are all about numbers...


im not feeling so hot either. I dont know why but i passed all day yesterday with a fever and headache, luckily we had monthly planning so we stayed at home planning and then i slept. Oh and I have a members address if you want stuff to get here faster. And I never mailed the bennets a thank you because I threw the box away and lost the address...If you want to get me that Ill send it or I can send it home to you guys and you send it.

unfortunately everybody doesnt see everything how you guys do. The mission is really number driven. Missionaries that are baptizing are the "best missionaries" so I dont know whats going to happen this next transfer, I want to end my mission here in Parnaiba but im not sure if thats gonna happen unfortunately. I really like it here, I like the members alot. The work isnt the best but the people are trying their best at least. And we are starting to see more members trying. At least we got the attention of a few members.

Send the Sniders my love and make sure Brandy knows that Im upset she didnt name her Kylee. Im still not 100% positive on where im gonna go but im pretty sure its gonna be UVU. Alex Peck emailed me last week and said hes going there and offered a house to live in with him and some other guys from his mission. Any college that doesnt offer portuguese ive written off, and i think that the best option is UVU but im still waiting on Jesus to answer me. 

We found a guy this week that speaks english and it was weird cuz he really wanted to speak english with me and me teach him in english but it was super weird, I didnt like it. Its really different teaching in  English, I didnt think it would be but it was hard. he was super cool but hes jehovahs witness and didnt want to believe us but told us to be his friend just not try to baptize him. it is what it is. but I love you guys and miss everybody, byeeeeee

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