Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another Baptism and Zone Conference

 We have mailed Kyle 2 packages and neither of them have arrived :(  He did get another baptism.  There is also a picture with Kyle and his Mission President and his wife.  I love this kid so much...and I love being able to hear from him each week!

No packages yet and unfortunatly I heard some bad news. I saw the
address you used on the blog and im not sure but you needed to put
President Mario Dias A\C on there so they could pick it up at the post
office. Basically theres a chance they get sent back. But Sister Dias
swears that there wont be a problem. Did you get the Bishops jersey?
cuz i told him you did and now his mom is handmaking you a bag with
the brasil flag and stuff that im gonna send you. yeah we baptized
her. its was awesome, we worked really hard to get her baptized. Her
mom loves the church and everything but she wants her husband to be
baptized before shes baptized and unfortunately he doesnt believe in
God....so I dont think we will baptize him but i think in the future
for sure. But this week was crazy. We got blessed. The same lady calls
us one night and was like come eat pizza with our family so we go to a
pizzaria with them and shes like get whatever you guys want. Azevedo
said its the first time thats happened on his mission. and after that
we got a reference from the stake president to teach his friend who is
a doctor and lives in a giant apartment. He wants to move to the US
and so he wanted to talk to an american but it worked out great cuz we
are talking to him about the church and he has a large family. And
then we found the Brazilian Joseph Smith. Hes 13 he found us walking
in the street and was like hey I dont like the catholic, baptist, or
assembilea churches how can I be a member of your church and serve a
mission like you guys. like we didnt even do anything he found us. And
it was cuz we actually worked this week. we went out and our numbers
were way better. I had a division with the zone leaders and our zone
leader elder Vitor is an animal. He seriously runs everywhere like hes
so much different than Azevedo. Hes a fantastic missionary. hes always
moving hes never not teaching for longer than like 10 minutes. its
good to see people like him teach. Its something that I definately
want to try to do, cuz right now we spend way to much time just doing
nothing. Elder Vitor is a little extreme. Other than that the only
real thing that happened is my soccer team lost yesterday to the
bishops team so i probably wont ever hear the end of it. especially
since i made fun of his team all day yesterday. And it was Presidente
Dias last zone conference here. he leaves in like 15 days. Its crazy.
Hes so awesome and everybody loves him. unfortunately his mission was
tough cuz he had the task of starting a mission with bad missionaries.
I heard about a year ago there was a group of rebellious missionaries
that tried to overthrow Presidente Dias and get him released. It
obviously didnt work but i feel bad for him, I think hes looking
forward to going home. But itll be cool to meet the new president, I
hope he speaks English. Presidente Dias didnt before his mission, but
he speaks really well now. I think thats it. I love you guys. Theres
gonna be another baptism this week and if all goes according to plan
next week. byeeee

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We did get to Skype!

We got to Skype with Kyle for almost 3 hours for Mother's Day.  It was amazing!  He looked so good!  We met his Stake President and his wife and daughter and his Bishop.  He was able to Skype us at his church building.  I love modern day technology!  Kyle got a chance to talk to everyone except Nathan because he had baseball events all day....kind of a bummer!  What a blessing to have a missionary serving from our family.  I feel the blessings of this everyday and I love him so much!

Talking to the family was awesome. it was good to see everybody except
nathan. tell him im upset about it too but that we can skype on
christmas. so now the biggest thing that bothers me is just azevedos
inability to work now. yesterday after lunch he was like hey lets go
to a members house and i asked why and he wouldnt tell me and it turns
out he only wanted to skype more. so i've figured out that hes
homesick. Hes having dreams about home and I think he would go home
now if he could. Which stinks cuz I have another 4 weeks with him. And
last friday saturday and sunday we taught a combined 1 lesson. Which
in Brasil doesnt happen unless you are doing nothing. And I dont have
the Portuguese to just take off on my own so its like I rely on him
and he really doesnt do anything. I talked to our Bishop about it and
hes pretty upset too so I think hes gonna call the President which
would be better than me getting mad at him. But earlier this week
Azevedo left and was traveling to Teresina for a training thing so I
stayed in Imperatriz with another American Elder that only had one
week out of the MTC. And it was so cool seeing the difference in
everything. Like he couldnt understand anything and speaking was
really hard for him and it made me think like I only have a month on
him and already I was teaching full lessons with him and joking with
the people we had lunch with. There was still alot of things I didnt
understand but I was picking up on a large portion of it which is
awesome. And then Azevedo came back and we fought some more and then I
went back into depression. So at least I know now that once he leaves
im gonna be fine. Luckily hes more than likely gonna be transfered so
ill get a new comp in 4 weeks. I really like my area. We have alot of
things that other areas dont have but Azevedo doesnt use any of them.
Like members want to teach with us but he doesnt want them to. I think
its because when we have members with us we actually have to work. Its
frustrating it really is. Luckily the people in my ward are
intelligent and they know its not really my fault so they are all mad
at him not me. The cool thing tho is our number one investigator
decided she wants to be baptized, we've been working really hard on
her (shes pretty much the only one) and she wasnt sure about it at
first but she decided yesterday after church she does so this week we
are baptizing her. Im super excited about it. Thats pretty much all
Ive got from here. Its hard all of the time but its getting better and
more fun. tell the family I love them.

Friday, May 11, 2012

It's Mother's Day week!

 Kyle told us originally that we could Skype for Mother's Day...now he doesn't think so.  Either way, phone call or Skype, I will be happy to hear from him!

Unfortunately i dont think we can skype. we have to skype in an
internet cafe and we cant skype on sunday....but you'll get a phone
call. basically have your cell on you cuz i get 40 minutes to call and
if you miss me you miss me. The language has gotten alot better. I
finally said screw and started talking to people and trying to teach
more and it went alot better. things with Elder Azevedo havent gotten
better. And it was the first transfer period last week and Elder
Yoragason got transfered. But Azevedo is just a little kid. He fights
with me over things in the US, and things that happened while he was
on his mission. He was telling everybody that you can buy cheddar
cheese (which is like crazy expensive here) for 50 cents and you get
like a giant wheel and i was like no thats not right and he argued
with me about it. and he needs constant attention, his birthday was 3
weeks ago and he still talks to everybody about it. And like we found
this guy that lived in the US for 7 years so he speaks english and he
wants me to teach him in english, but Azevedo refuses to teach him cuz
the guy talks to me and not him. this guy is looking for a religion
and he wants us to teach his whole family, his aunts brothers sisters
like everybody but Azevedo wont cuz the guy didnt say bye to him only
me. And hes just lazy. and its really hard to work when your companion
doesnt want to work. I dont have the portuguese to take control of
lessons. we taught 1 lesson in 3 days. the rest of the time was spent
either wandering around or sitting in members homes. And when i say
like time to leave he doesnt want to. He just wants to get on
facebook in members houses, which is against the rules. Like its hard
to obey these rules when your comp wont. hes just strange and
difficult to deal with. He asked me if I wanted to stay with him until
he finishes in 3 months and I told him no and that I want to be
transfered in 5 weeks. Hes gonna be transfered but im probably gonna
stay here for another transfer period. Basically i just have to get
through the transfer and away from Azevedo and I should be good to go.
But im running out of time. Send my love to the family everything else
is going good. oh and for my next package that doesnt have to be sent
anytime soon try to get me a Team USA or Real Salt Lake jersey. all
the Brazilians wear their teams jerseys when we play on P days and I
want a USA one. oh and send me a raquetball. they dont sell them here
and I need something to play with. Ill talk to you guys on Sunday!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Make sure and read the latest entry and get to the bottom...there are pictures!

I think I'm gonna get Colin a Neymar jersey. He's the best player in
Brazil right now and I figure he would like that. We baptized a 9 year
old girl named Vitoria. she lives with members but her family isn't
members but we´re working on them. I'm excited for this week. We had a
guy about a month ago just show up in our ward and we started teaching
him. He got lessons from other missionaries in Belo Horizonte and so
he knew a lot and wants to read D&C so like hes legit. And we started
to teach his sister and her daughter and we are baptizing all 3 this
sunday which is awesome. Things are still hard with Azevedo, the thing
i've learned is that he's just a child. Its like Nathan serving a
mission right now. I actually think nathan would do a better job. But
we seriously dont do anything. And i dont have the Portuguese to take
charge, especially cuz he hates it when I challenge his authority. He
drives me nuts. The good thing is he's just annoying, like we teach
fine he's just annoying. but he doesnt like to work and i really dont
want to get into bad habits for the rest of my mission. The bad news
is I got sick this week. We both did. It makes walking around in the
sun all day even worse. this week was a challenge as a whole. It gets
really frustrating when I dont know how to explain things in Portuguese,
its like i know exactly what i want to say but i dont know how. me and
azevedo got in a fight and it ended up with me just yelling at him in
english. Pretty much the entire street was staring at us. They do that
when I talk English. Alot of them want to hear me speak English then
Portuguese. They love America. Its really funny.I dont have much to
say other than this week really stunk. I did a division with Elder yorgason
and we got more done in 4 hours of working than me and Azevedo had all
week. Elder Yorgason keeps me afloat sometimes. Whenever I have a
serious question about what we are doing (Azevedo just tried to get on
facebook) I call Elder Yorgason and Azevedo really doesnt like it.He
wants me to follow his example and I want to follow Yorgasons. So
theres sometimes where I can see that it bothers him and he knows that
I like Yorgason more. Oh Elder Yorgason is from West Valley and he
said his family bought 2 pianos from us and a ton of sheet music.
 well thats about all i
have from Brasil. just hoping for a better next transfer session? its
funny how many english words ive already forgotten. But i love you
guys byeeeeeeee