Monday, February 3, 2014

Rededicate the house...

November 25, 2013

so the good news is im legal now. everything went well in Teresina. They said that usually the people that wait as long as the mission did to renew my visa get deported but they like the missionaries so there wasnt any problem. I didnt get to do anything I wanted to though. I asked the assistants if I could visit people and they said no and made me do a division with the zone leaders. It was cool but not nearly what I had planned on doing. I got to see a few people but other than that it was just normal work. But our week got destroyed cuz I was in Teresina for a few days and my comp was stuck working in another area. I didnt get to call that one lady to register for classes i called you when the President wasnt in the office but he always gets there when the office in provo opens so it didnt work out, sorry.
But the scariest stuff happened in our house this week. So it started when I was in Teresina when one night the other Elders heard a crash and they were like what happened but went back to sleep. The next morning they found one of the other elders cologne smashed and broken in the middle of the room. so like whatever stuff happens. but then when I got back at like midnight on saturday morning we got back to our house and we were doing our things getting ready for bed when I went to put some things away next to the window and I heard something rush by the window and there was a loud bang and we lost power in our house. we all flipped out but we didnt really think that much of it until we realized that our house was the only house that had lost power....anyways so we put our beds in front of our house cuz it was freaking hot inside our house. so there we were chilling just chatting in our beds when out of nowhere 2 feet behind me this chair moved back about a foot and my comp flipped out cuz he saw the chair move and there was nobody there. needless to say we were super scared so we rededicated the house just to make sure cuz we dont know when was the last time it was and what had happened since and it all stopped but it was a super scary 2 or 3 hours in our house.
Other than that everything was cool and normal. nothing all that exciting happened other than going to Teresina. Oh I got the box with the cookie stuff and the ghosts but other than that nothing has gotten here. oh sweet baby rays beef jerkey is incredible. and question with those cookies do I have to make the cake mix first and then mix in the other stuff or just throw everything together? seeing as I only have one shot I want to do it right. ummm anything else, I dont think so. Well I love you guys I hope everything is well with you guys. miss all of you byeeeeee

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