Monday, February 3, 2014

Kyle's last email!

I can't believe he's coming home!  It feels so surreal.  I am so proud of him.  His fun loving personality has touched the lives of so many.  He has grown into a fine young man.  Well done thy good and faithful servant.  Love you son!

December 23, 2013

elder hals last email. 

well i went to the center today and bought stuff for everyone. I tried to find stuff but unfortunately im terrible with presents but i did the best i could. I couldnt find anything for dad or the boys tho. everybody else is good tho. i did my best i hope everybody is happy with what i found. Eliana calls me once a week and i asked her to find a nativity set cuz i couldnt find one here. shes coming to visit on friday. i dont know exactly when im going to the mission home or anything, they havent told me anything yet. but im leaving saturday night or sunday morning. I think saturday night. Im 6 hours away from Teresina and to have an interview and dinner with the President it makes more sense to leave on saturday but if not im speaking in church on sunday. we had our branch christmas party and the branch president asked me to speak about the mission and all that good stuff and i cried. a lady recorded the whole thing. that was when it really set in the i was leaving. its sad thinking about it, i try not to cuz its so much happiness and sadness all bundled up together. but im happy the mish is coming to a close, im tired.

o yeah so on christmas we are going to skype. im not all that excited about it cuz like 4 days later ill be at home.....but itll still be good to talk to you guys. we are going to skype at about 5 pm here. thats like what 1 or 2 in the afternoon in arizona?

i feel for you about your laptop. one of my friends that i baptized here got his bike stolen yesterday (its his only means of transportation) i hate thieves with a passion. They make me angry but it happens, life goes on unfortunately theres nothing we can do about it. it was sad tho. hes a 13 year old kid and his life was his bike and somebody stole it. he was pretty upset about it. if i had the money to buy him a bike i would, his parents left him with his grandparents and they dont really care about him. they feed him and give him a place to live but he doesnt really have anybody. I promised him that i would pay for his mission. if somebody doesnt pay it he has no way to go and he really wants to go on a mission. I told him that when he got baptized 5 months ago and he still reminds me about it almost daily. im gonna miss that kid so much, hes awesome.

anyways im excited to see you guys and see arizona and sammers. oh i want to talk to the bennetts before i go to school. the post office here is a joke and i gave up on writing letters. anyways love you all byeeeeeeeeee

Then he sent a follow up email with food requests...

oh and food requests. NOTHING WITH CHICKEN and no i dont want to eat at a brazilian restaraunt. (I will explain why christmas)

Beef o le
those bacon ham rolls 
and anything else you can think of that i loved before the mish

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