Monday, July 30, 2012

He got Transferred!!

Kyle never did like change.  Missions are all about change so this will be a learning experience for him!

So I got transfered. It was a very difficult move for me. I had to go
say goodbye to all the people I met all my friends and everything it
was rough. But Eliana emailed me and said they moved Elder Lied out of
the area i was in cuz the sisters in my old district got robbed by a
guy with a machete so they switched the elders and the sisters cuz my
old area was a really safe one. Im now in Teresina, the heart of the
mission in an area that the last missionary finished his mission and
didnt leave us with a whole lot so we are just starting over. oh and
its super hot. I think I might die its so hot here. its almost
unbearably hot here. theres missionaries that have melted shoes just
walking in the streets. My new comp is Elder De Los Santos....hes from
Argentina and he doesnt speak portuguese very well. He knows all the
words hes 100% fluent its just he has to have a problem or something
cuz nobody understands what he says. So he teaches an entire lesson
and the person will look at me with a blank look and then I have to
translate everything he said for them. Its so so so hard. I speak very
well now but nowhere close to perfect so I have my own problems but
now I have to translate for him. We had a lady yesterday, she was the
first person in a long time that could not understand me (she cant
read which proves my theory that uneducated people cant understand me)
and a member that was with us had to translate for us both. Its going
to be a very interesting transfer. Im not all that excited about it
still. But my ward here has 155 people....imperatriz had like 50. so
it tripled in size. I live in a house with 5 other missionaries. Its
alot more fun that way. We all joke around and stuff. In a house with
just one other elder it gets boring and like awkward but with 6 its
awesome. ummmm I dont think I have anything else for you guys other
than I think I could drink from a firehose all day and still be
dehydrated and exhausted at the end of the day. I think thats all I
have for you guys love you!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Will he be transferred?

 I am sure it is such a feeling of anxiety not knowing if you will be transferred or not!  It sounds like he would like to stay for one more transfer period.  I guess we shall see!

so we have transfers today. I dont know if im staying or going again.
it drives me nuts. Ive really grown to love Imperatriz. its known as
the worst city on the mission but i love it. the people here are so
awesome, yeah its over 100 degrees everyday and all we do is walk
around in the sun but its cool. Lets see cool or interesting things
that happened this week....i dont think there was any. We have alot of
solid investigators that weve found, and if i stay theres gonna be
baptisms in the next few weeks, if not theres still gonna be baptisms
i just wont be a part of them. Oh yeah one of my shoes broke. the heel
came apart kind of. im gonna take to somebody that fixes shoes. I dont
think theres any kind of shoes made to withstand brasilian streets. i
feel bad for my shoes. oh yeah tell alan that i saw him playing with
Mo Tab. there was some special and i was watching it in our chapel and
there was a few pretty good close ups of him. ask him if the main
singer has been baptized yet, if not he needs to introduce me to her
so i can baptize her.....and get married. Oh yeah funny story so we
were talking to a guy this week about getting help from God and he
said something along the lines of God helps people, and satan does
too. It just depends on how you look at it so as long as im getting
help from somebody im good. Kind of a funny way to look at it. Well
thats pretty much all I have from here. Next week I could be in a
different place. I hope not but who knows. Love you guys byeeeeeee

Monday, July 16, 2012

FINALLY got my packages!

 I'm thrilled that he finally got our packages!  I just wanted him to feel some love from home!  He also sent a lot of pictures this week...I will post all of them as well.  A lot of them are from the English class that he was the guest speaker.  The rest look like they were from zone conference.

ok so i got the 2 packages, I had to call the president to get them
picked up cuz i was told they were just sitting in the post office but
i got 2 packages and the large envelope of letters and another
handwritten letter from you so it was like christmas here. The week
was alot better. we finally baptized Eliana! I first met her in April
and she passed a baptismal interview at the end of April she just
didnt want to be baptized. So me and elder azevedo worked really hard
with her for 3 months and she was finally baptized. it was a special
experience. the whole ward loves her. her husband is a doctor and they
have more money than i think they know what to do with. but shes not
like a snobby rich person. she buys us medicine when we are sick she
always feeds us if we dont have lunch, everytime we go there she makes
us food or something. the ward had a service project and asked her to
donate 10 kilos (22 pounds) of rice and beans, she donated 50 (110
pounds) of food. just cuz thats the kind of person she is. Shes
awesome. After her baptism she gave me a hammock and told me to never
forget her family, good thing i didnt cry......but that was for sure
the best part of the week, and i think my mission so far. Things have
come together as far as the work goes. Elder Lied is going to be a
really good missionary. he learns really fast and he just has
instincts on what to. And the time just flew by. We have transfers next
week. luckily I'm training so theres a really good chance that I'll stay
here for another transfer. I'm really happy about that. Its going to
be weird to leave here. I have family here now, I'm gonna spend a
quarter of my mission here. its sad thinking about leaving but its
cool I'll be here until september. Thats pretty much all I have from
Imperatriz but i love you guys byeeee

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

His Soccer Team Won!

He had mentioned in an earlier email that his soccer team was in the Championships.  Apparently they won and he was in Teresina for training so he got to witness some of the festivities!

COOOOOOOORRRRRRINTHIANS!!!!!! my team won the championship here. I was
in Teresina when it happened and it was the craziest thing ive ever
witnessed. After goals are scored they go nuts and shoot off
fireworks, after the first goal there was about 20 minutes of straight
fireworks. But the best part was after they won (at 1 in the morning)
everybody was going nuts. I watched a guy walk out of an alley
(clearly intoxicated) and set fire to a stop sign/the road and walk
away. It was hilarious. But I have a package in Teresina, the
secretary saw it there and didnt pick it up why i dont know but its
there, Im hoping the President brings it when he comes on Wednesday.
The bus ride to and from Teresina is the worst bus ride ever. and we
had a baptism the day I got back and our bus was delayed like 6 times
and I almost missed it. I walked in for the actual baptism. But we
baptized another little girl, shes the cutest thing ever. shes 9 and
she goes to church by herself. Her dad was baptized but he stopped
going, so he drops her off at church every week and leaves. I had no
idea she wasnt baptized she always sat by me in sacrament meeting and
always gave me hugs and stuff so it was really weird that she wasnt
baptized. Oh yeah and we woke up this morning to an Iguana in our
house. It was super cool and hilarious. Neither of us know anything
about iguanas, we dont know if they bite or what not so neither of us
wanted to touch it. But i picked it up to take him outside and he
flipped out which startled me and i dropped him, I then chased him
around the house until he ran under Elder Lieds bed. It took us awhile
but we got him outside into the wild. I still have no idea how he got
into the house. I love all the little critters we find in our house.
Only in Brasil do you wake up with lizards bats frogs and other things
just chillin in your house. But I think thats it, I love you guys and
miss you!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Guest Speaker

This is last weeks letter...with the holiday I didn't get it posted earlier.  I love how big a difference he is making with his area.  It's great that he was chosen to talk to Ronny's class about English and now he can talk about the reason he is there and send referrals all over his District!  How cool!!

So this week was exhausting but it was pretty cool. So that English
teacher that stopped me in the street is named Ronny and ive started
making my English school tour with him. Basically I go talk to schools
in English and its cool it always ends up being a discussion in
English about the church and why im here. So we pick up people to
teach and pass them along to my district so it turns into a missionary
work type of deal. But there was like a giant book fair and Ronny was
giving a lecture about English for people and he wanted me to come
watch. So we go there and we are watching it and at the end he was
like we have a special guest who wants to talk to you guys about
English....that special guest was me, and I didnt want to talk to a
crowd of 100+ people. So im up there and he told me to motivate them
in English to learn English. So im talking in English you know no big
deal and then Ronnys friend Estelito was like alright now hes gonna
say all of that in Portuguese. So I gave a lecture in Portuguese about
learning English. It was pretty cool and also really terrifying. But
it was cool I went through like a 10 minute lecture with no problems.
Ronny has pictures of it so im gonna try to get them from him, it was
pretty funny. But this week we were running around in the sun all day
and it was awful. Last night I collapsed in my hammock and didnt wake
up until 10:30. And I got news that Im going to Teresina to get some
training...yay. My favorite 13 hour bus ride ever. I hate that bus
ride. Its definately the bus that people take to outer darkness, and
Teresina. But it was Presidente Dias' last week on the mish. He left
last week but he visited all the areas with his family. Its crazy that
hes gone but ive heard our new president is awesome. Im gonna meet him
this week. Its just him and his wife, all their kids are grown up. So
they have a massive apartment with 5 bathrooms for 2 people, i think
its kinda funny. Oh and my soccer team is in the finals for the best
team in all of South America. I think thats it other than we are gonna
be baptizing the crap out of Imperatriz the next few weeks. That is