Monday, February 3, 2014

Going to Teresina this week!

Kevin and I had sent the Mission President an email because we had never heard a word from him.  We weren't even sure what his name was.  He told us that he hadn't worried about contacting us because our son is obedient and he doesn't worry about him.  He told us his biggest priority is the Brazilian missionaries because they are the future church leaders in his country.  I understand what he is saying...but it was a little disappointing that this is his attitude.

November 18, 2013

yeah the president is like that. I only get like a few words out of him in my weekly emails and my comp always gets 2 full emails from him. its extremely frustrating but the more i think about it and the more ive tried to understand it I see that he is really busy. Our mission is a mess and its enormous, I feel bad for him. Ive also thought about it and Im a low maintenance missionary that other than my sleeping problems i dont have alot of problems. So he really doesnt worry about me. yeah im upset cuz i lost out on being a leader but I thought about it and had i been a leader i wouldnt have passed through the areas that i did and i wouldnt have met the people that i did so theres always a bright side to everything. No im not the best missionary and theres alot of parts of the mission that I loathed but ive learned alot and im happy with the mission ive served, yeah i couldve been better in alot of aspects but i know that god is happy with my mission and i know that had i not gone on a mission i wouldve been in a much worse position. but it is what it is.

Im going to Teresina this week. Im going to renew my visa. ive been illegal since february and finally i called sister and complained and she resolved everything rather quickly. So ill be spending a few days in Teresina just hanging out. I want to visit some of the people I met last year in Teresina. I havent been to Teresina since last year, like a year and 2 months ago. itll be good to see it all again, its been awhile. oh and the stake president from imperatriz came to Parnaiba for a conference and he called me and visited me. It was fun talking to him hes a really good guy. Hes the only stake President ive had that interacts with the missionaries. He even bought us pizza! good times in Imperatriz. Oh Elianas dog had puppies, she offered one to me and I accepted. I dont know how its gonna get home with me but im gonna make it happen. <3

other than that it was a pretty normal week. We are working alot trying to find people to teach but thats the hard part of missionary work. President hinted that im gonna end my mission here in Parnaiba so im pretty happy about that. I hope everybody is well, tell colin happy birthday, I remembered before and after last p day but i forgot on p bad. love you all byeeeeeeeeee.  

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