Monday, February 3, 2014

Conference week

Conference is awesome...especially when you are on a mission!


Conference was awesome. Its always fun hanging out with Americans for a few hours. Its good but everybody ends up just talking about America and all the things we miss. It was also a little bittersweet knowing that it was my last conference as a missionary. I really enjoyed alot of the talks, President Uchtdorf is still my favorite, his talks are always awesome. Conference always seems to come at the perfect time, funny how that is. This lady we have been teaching decided to get baptized and passed her interview so shes getting baptized on saturday, she watched conference and said that it was unlike anything shes ever seen and that she loved it. We also spent alot of time this week hunting down less actives that had their birthdays this week. Its funny how when you go with a member to say happy birthday people are waaaaaay more receptive. We spent a week by ourselves doing the same thing and got nowhere but as soon as we went with a member we found a bunch of people. The work is coming around, we found some families that live in a city about 30 an hour from Parnaiba and are gonna go visit them this week, we are hoping to open up a group there and start working there too. Theres alot of places that dont have the gospel here its crazy.

Thats sad that marvs wife died. I loved them growing up. Hows he doing? I want to visit him when I get back, he was the man. Well thats super sad to hear that she died. Hows everybody else doing? Prepare Sammers for my homecoming, shes got 2 years of lovin coming her way. Everything is going well here, transfers are next week and im not sure whos gonna go. If I get transfered Ill end in that area if not im gonna end here. I would prefer to end here, I really like it here in ParnaĆ­ba. But anyways Elder Hal loves all of you, have a good week byeeeee

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