Monday, February 3, 2014

We found awesome people

A week full of Miracles...


this week was just full of miracles. we found a bunch of people like without trying, i dont even know what we did but we found awesome people. we found some lady that her house caught one fire and everything got ruined and in the middle of the scorched wreckage they found the book of mormon completely intact and fine just covered in ashes. awesome, she still has the book im gonna try and get it from her. and then some guy just showed up and church and was like baptize me so he came out of nowhere and is getting baptized this saturday. and we found another family that was taught like a year ago and the missionaries just never went back so we started teaching them and they liked it and want to get baptized. unfortunately like all the less actives that we spent so long searching for didnt work out but we found other people. it was pretty fun working this week. we had alot of work.

anyways i hope everybody is good back home, love all of you. im trying to send dads birthday card but the post office is still on strike. oh and dont send any more packages. I just dont think its gonna get here in time. oh and btw we bought risk today so when that shows up on my debit card just know it was for a good cause and my roommates paid me back, we just didnt have enough cash with us at the time... love you byeeeeeee

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