Monday, February 3, 2014

They were picked up by a member of the Seventy!

Sending him packages has been a difficult thing the past 2 years.  It takes forever for him to get them.


so i got one package a little while ago and one got here to Parnaíba im getting it tomorrow at a zone meeting so ive got 2 so far. tell sister bennett that i appreciate her generous donation to the soccer jersey fund. fortaleza is the next mission over its only like 4 hours from my mission actually its really close. ive heard that its awesome i really want to go there someday. são luis is awesome i miss it alot. i really like parnaiba.....well not really. I love the members but the city is terrible. we lost power last night at about 6 and it didnt come back til like 2 in the afternoon, we had to sleep outside last night cuz it was so hot inside our house without fans. but kind of a cool thing that happened a few weeks ago that i forgot, we were walking to lunch and it was like an hour away and i was super sad cuz it was hot and this car went flying passed us stopped came back and asked us where we were going and offered a ride and turned out that it was a 70! Fernando Araújo  is his name, i dont know anything about him but somehow he knew my name.....not sure if thats a good thing. anyways his brother lives here so he comes here all the time but it was a good day for him to be there. anyways that was pretty much all that happened this week. We had a baptism that went awesomely but other than that it was pretty much just a normal week. I hope everythings good back home and that everybody is well. The President sent me a message through the Zone Leaders to cut my hair.....he knows me all to well at this point on my mission. well love all of you byeeeeeeeeee

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