Monday, February 3, 2014

A building for our Branch!!

December 2, 2013

i try not to think about going home cuz theres still like 4 weeks left. but i dont think theres anything i want you guys to get for me. im gonna need alot of things when I get back so dont worry about it. i just want to get home. I love the mish and its awesome but i want to be home again.
but yeah so the work this week was interesting. basically all of our investigators just decided to disappear so we had to knock doors all week. it was cool cuz we found alot of new people and alot of people let us inside to talk to them, one of the perks of working in Brasil. OH yeah so it was district conference this week and we got to the auditorium and the first thing we heard was that Salt Lake approved the building of a chapel for our branch! Me and my comp almost cried it was like the most exciting thing that has happened on my mission. we were in the back hugging everybody it was awesome. then they came and made us stop and rained on our parade. but it was awesome. we worked so hard and i knew that we were close to getting a chapel but last i had heard it wasnt approved. so that was awesome. other than that we are just knocking doors and trying to find people to baptized. Its hard and got harder. Theres a new rule in Brasil that kids 15 and under have to go to church for 3 months before they can be baptized. that seriously messed our whole month up which happens to be the last month of my mission. we dont understand why but it is what it is and honestly it happened and im going home so im not all that upset about it. but i feel bad for the other missionaries. its gonna be harder to baptize now.
Eliana called me this week. she said that shes gonna come to Parnaiba to visit me before i leave. thats gonna be awesome. im gonna want to see them before I leave. it was good to talk to them. i havent seen them since são luis.

i miss all of you terribly, im super excited to see you guys again. I hope everybody is well. sounds like everybody is doing good. well ill talk to you guys next week. byeeeee

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