Monday, February 3, 2014

A letter to his Dad

 November 4, 2013

i am writing you from beautiful Parnaíba in a sketchy internet cafe. here it is roughly 110 with no clouds in the sky and the forecast for tomorrow is 110 with no clouds in the sky. I had no idea that soccer players were getting beheaded. Brasil likes to focus on  the worlds problems and not Brasils problems. Ive heard of everything that goes on in the US but here in Brasil I only hear the terrible stuff. 

Hope everythings good with your health. mother told me a little bit but i wasnt really in the loop. I think being like 7,000 km from you guys its a little hard to be in the loop. I think i need to see a doctor when I get back. im 90% positive that I have worms and i have sleep problems. I talked to the President like over a year ago but he didnt do anything and nothing has really changed. its nothing serious but i will be visiting the doctors office once i return. 

im excited to see everybody. I keep thinking about the people here and im really gonna miss Brasil and everybody here but im happy that its almost over. its one of those bittersweet thoughts. I really like it here but theres alot of things im not gonna miss but its gonna be hard to get on the plane.

But i hope everythings good with the stores and life. take care of lola for me. <3 Elder Hal

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