Monday, September 23, 2013

Past two weeks

 This week's email:  He's been trying to figure out where he is going to college when he comes home.  He has to get registered and everything ready soon because he will be home in December and school starts in January.  Time is flying by...

I still dont know where Im gonna go to college. Its gonna be Weber or UVU, one of the 2. I have to do something with portuguese I just dont know what yet. But this week was pretty awesome. So the work sucks like we cant find alot of people to teach but we are still focusing on the members. And Wednesday we talked with an active family after lunch about helping the others in the branch that are needing help and doing just a little bit more to help the other members and they took 3 less active guys to church on sunday. But after all that we got the ward attendance up from 61 from the first week I got here to 90. I dont really know what we did but we had 7 less actives and a bunch of recent converts and everybody went. It was good to finally see some results. We havent seen much results until now and the zone leaders were getting a little bit annoyed by our lack numbers. But it was awesome, I almost died when I saw the attendance.

Kathleen is awesome. shes 16 but she helps us out alot. She went to the the temple for the first time, well shes on her way right now. the temple is in another state so 4 times a year theres a district wide caravan to the temple. She was like dying to go it was funny im happy that she was able to go. Its funny how people here like die to go to the temple and its like a massive sacrifice and Utah has like 16 temples now its kinda weird seeing that big difference. oh she doesnt speak english but her mom is an english teacher so she speaks well but her mom translates everything and sometimes stuff comes out goofy. and yes we did fish piranhas and it was awesome we caught was tiny but we caught it.

Anyways thats all ive got for you guys. Love all of you hope eveyone is well. byeeeee

Last week's email:

yeah well im trying its just hard to get a bunch of people motivated and moving, this week was better kind of. Well tuesday morning at about 8 in the morning my comps mom hes pretty upset. So he spent about 4 days in that i wanna go home but I dont and then at the end of the week we were able to start working well. 

Oh but funny story, so last p day we went fishing. I told a member that I wanted to go piranha fishing so we went. and we caught a piranha! it was super tiny but we caught it. it was a cool place to go fishing. It was like a lake in the middle of sand dunes and I guess its just full of piranhas. we took alot of cool pictures im just afraid to put my memory card in the computers here. one elder lost all of his pictures and if that happened to me I would cry. 

But ummm I had to give a talk on sunday, that was an adventure. I gave a 10 minute talk about missionary work with members. Its not really that big of a deal anymore. I really dont like it but its not that bad. I think giving a talk in english is going to be harder now. and Jean from Teresina came to visit me! it was good to see him again. im alot closer to Teresina now so he came to see me it was awesome.

anyways I dont really have anything else for you guys. I hope everything is well at home. I miss everybody and love all of you. byeeeeeeeee 

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