Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The latest words from Brazil

 I can't believe how much I live for these emails!  Just hearing from Kyle each week helps me to carry on and brings me comfort.  He has been out over a month now.  Most of what you will read at the beginning is answers to my questions that I had emailed him.  Just keep reading...

I took a bunch of pictures and stuff this week like of the temple so you could see them so she should email you all the pictures today, she has my sd card. but yeah the 50 dollars is awesome. I got a cookie milkshake and still have like 40 dollars. i figure ill use it to send letters since it costs so much to mail stuff and Mr Cheneys mails letters cheaper. I mailed letters for alex peck nathan and sammie but i didnt have addresses so distribute letters for me as necessary. im still trying to figure out how to send nathans present home, but tell him itll be on its way today. And i knew Braun was innocent! so hes still the man. put Alma 26 27 on there. I think thats it but it talks about patience and missionary stuff.  Speaking of scriptures Im through the Book of Mormon so now Im in Ether I should be done with the entire thing tomorrow! Its getting alot more fun being here. Its crazy, when I first got here teaching the first lesson was a big deal with a bunch of planning and all that but now its no big deal and I can teach the first three lessons with no planning or anything. Its so cool how that works out. The gift of tongues is real. I can testifty to that. my portuguese is nowhere near perfect but I can at least communicate to people on the street. now understanding them is a completely different story. thats still a work in progress. But yesterday was really tough, story time. so last week they had a problem with a bunch of thefts like massive. Elder Kamalu got his ipod stolen and i got my ctr ring stolen (yeah i know why would you steal that) and we had our theories about who it was (Elder Rebeiro) and he left last tuesday with all my Brazilian friends. So i thought I lost my CTR ring and one night Elder Maia comes into my room and gives it back to me and told me he found it in his room. So yesterday I go to do service and it turns out the kid stole my Vans too! I was so mad Cuz I was talking to Elder Morreira and he told me Rebeiro comes from a rich family and has tons of money but he stole a ton of stuff and the MTC President thinks he has a disorder. But theres nothing they can do about my vans since hes already gone. I was really upset. We are in the MTC, if theres a place thefts shouldnt happen its in the MTC. And its worse cuz we were friends with that whole district (Elder Maia, Morreira, Alves, Goes, all of them) and Rebeiro was a weird kid but we were always nice to him and we grew to love him too. And then I find out he stole from me. Twice. But it is what it is. I got to participate in 2 blessings this week. We got a new teacher. Our old one was like the nicest guy in the world. Our new teacher just got off his mission and we are his first district so hes super hard but i feel like I'm actually learning more with him cuz he speaks English really well but he doesnt speak it to us that much. but back to the blessings. our old teacher, who we love, came into our room and said he was sick and wanted a blessing. so i got to stand in on that one. and Elder Sanders rolled his ankle really bad during gym and asked for a blessing. I just stood in both times but it was still really cool. I love being part of blessings. Our new Brazilians are awesome too. They dont speak alot of English, which I like cuz it forces me to speak portuguese to them, and he has me read his letters and talk to him in portuguese. And he told us that this sunday hes going to fast for us to learn the language which was really cool. I explained my frustration to him about the other Brazilian stealing stuff and he told me that not all Brazilians are like that, hes a really cool kid I like him alot. I hit my one month mark and my one moth left in the MTC mark, but the days are going by faster. thats only partially true. the weeks fly by but the days are still eternally long. Its a crazy time continuum. But im pretty much out of time. Tell Nathan that Im proud of him and that the Priesthood is the first step to something so much bigger and better. I hope everything is going well with the family. Love all you guys. oh text Brandy Snider and tell her that she and Andrew are in my prayers seeing as baby Kyle is due in a weekish. 
oh and a fun interesting Carnival fact. 80% of all beer consumed in Brasil is consumed during Carnival. That is an unearthly amount of alcohol.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another letter from BRAZIL

First off Guarana is amazing they have the non caffinated kind in the
lunch room, im trying to figure out a way to send it to you guys but
its so expensive to send packages to the US. The money withdraw was
just for spending money. I have been sick, the Brasil Mtc food does
some nasty things to the human body. But I only had $33 in my wallet
when I got here which was like 55 Reals (pronounced like hey-eyes) and
I bought Nathans birthday present and a soccer jersey and I was out so
I withdrew some spending money since im gonna be here for a while.
while me and Elder Lambert were walking to the bank some lady stopped
us and started asking us about the church and we were picking up on
most of what she was saying so we got excited to have our first street
contact and be able to talk to her. turns outs she only wanted free
coffee so we promptly left, broken hearted. but back to your other
questions. yes i am getting your emails, keep sending them I just dont
have a lot of time to get on and read them and respond. Its
frustrating since we can only send letters and emails one day a week
so I feel like I really have no contact with you guys ever. But my new
companion is from Sammammish WA, hes going to Teresina too and hes
really cool. he have similar personalities and sense of humor so we
get along and our teaching is getting alot better as our vocab is
improving. So more about my first day. I was reunited with Elder
Kamalu, my companion from Provo. Its been bittersweet though. He has a
gigantic God complex and everybody knows those are my favorite kinad
of people, and hes gotten a million times cockier cuz he was named
district leader here. We fight all the time. We are fine it doesnt
effect us all that much but he makes me mad all the time. And he
always gets mad when the other guys in the district hang out in my
room and not his, I love having highschool drama in the Brasil MTC.
Its the best. But getting off the plane was like walking into a steam
room it was so hot. and all the signs were in Portuguese and nobody
spoke english so it was really overwhelming. the worst part tho was
when i went to get my bags only one came and everybody had left except
me and my travel companion and we had been joking about what if one of
our bags didnt show up and like 5 minutes after everybody was gone my
bag comes rolling down the return thing just by its self. it was so
scary. and then me and my travel companion (Elder Hinson, the Utah
football player) decided we were gonna go practice our Portuguese on
the natives. Yeah bad idea. we had no idea what people were saying and
all we could ask is stuff like where are you from, how many people are
there in your family. So we gave up and just left. But Brasil is so
cool. its like the weirdest organized chaos ever. the drivers are out
of control and we feel like there should be a million wrecks a day and
we havent seen one yet. but the coolest part is the weather, like one
minutes its sunny and 114 next its pouring rain. and by rain i mean
thunder, lightning and like flooded streets. But the lightning shows
are amazing. We open our windows and just watch the lightning cuz it
stikes like every 15 seconds for about an hour. but today was
seriously like the worst day of my mission. the Brazilians are only
here for 3 weeks, kinda like the americans in the Provo MTC going
english speaking. So all of my friends left. All of them. It seriously
like shattered my heart. I loved those guys so much after only 2
weeks, and one of my favorites (Elder Goes) couldnt even speak English
and I could barely speak Portuguese. But they were all so cool. And
Elder Moreira, one of my roommates that speaks a little English aka my
Irmao Gemeo (twin brother), this morning when he was leaving woke me
up and told me that he was leaving me his Captain Moroni poster. He
bought this poster last week at the Temple and he was so excited to
have it and he hung it up and was all pumped about it. And this
morning he told me that I need to have the courage of Captain Moroni
and that he believes in my....yeah I cried. And Goes gave me his
bracelet and told me hes never going to forget me. It was awful. Im
gonna miss those guys so much, Their all going to the mission that
borders mine so we will all be up there in the North. lets see what
else has happened. umm its really different here. The teachers dont
teach very much, its really on your own kinda of stuff. I learn more
from talking to my Brazilian friends than I do actual class time. Its
just really relaxed here. Its kinda like if you dont want to study you
dont have to, if you want to just nap all day you can. its good and
bad. I think the missionaries in Provo learn to speak better
Portuguese but the missionaries here understand it better cuz we hear
the Brazilians speak it. And they dont speak the same Portuguese as we
learned in Provo. They are ridiculously fast. I try to understand the
prayers and they fly through prayers. the say a ton but they only take
30 seconds. But its really cool walking around the city a little bit.
Its just so much different than the US. Theres a completely different
atmosphere. Its just such a laid back country and its such a mess like
everywhere, like the sewers overflowing onto the sidewalks, but they
make it work. Its been cool so far. at first I hated it here just cuz
my Portuguese is awful but now that I can at least teach lessons and
hold simple conversations its alot better and I love it. But so far I
havent heard ANY good things about my mission. Theres a meal that the
only way I can describe it is its like sand, I dont know what its
called but weve ahd it a few times and you are supposed to mix it with
various fruits and then mix it with your rice and beans or meat or
whatever. but a guy from Teresina was telling me how all they eat is
this sand stuff for entire meals....awesome. and theres a fruit that
only grows in the North that all our teachers that are from Brasil
hate and according to her it tastes like shampoo....of course. the
only cool part, which is good and bad, is in the summer it gets so hot
that we sleep outside on hammocks....awesome! that will be awesome.
except getting eaten alive by bugs. speaking of bugs. during our
serivce hour me and Elder Ray (hes from Mesa, dad) killed like 20
cockroaches and we didnt even make a dent in their population. I hate
them so much. But tell Nathan I will ship his present next week. The
post office is closed today because of Carnival. And Im trying to
write you guys more letters to condense my emails since they really
dont let you go over on time. Im over by like 10 minutes right now but
I do what I want. Send everybody my love. Send me emails if you want
to get something to me quick, it seems like im getting all of those
and it takes like 10 days by mail. and that mission ties thing is
exactly like dear elder its just ran by a nice lady across the street
so its awesome look into it for sure, it works great. But everything
is going good hear, keep sending what ever, I will get it eventually.
and im through Alma today, a little over half way done with the Book
of Mormon.  Eu amo Voces!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Kyle's Address

Below is the best way to stay in contact with Kyle.  He has very little time on his email each week.  Only enough time to quickly send one email.  Please mail letters (packages cannot be sent) to the address below:

Elder Kyle Rindlisbacher
Box #33 District #04-B Brazil MTC
Teresina Mission
Rua Padre Antonio D'Angelo, 121
Casa Verde, Sao Paulo, SP
Brazil  02516-040

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

First Email from Brazil!

Ola! sorry about the silence, the only let us write letters and email
once a week but ive sent you guys some emails that could take a awhile
to get there. and tell nathan Happy Birthday for me and that I have a
present for him that ill send next week. hopefully he likes it. but
Brazil is getting better, it was really tough the first couple days
adjusting but its gotten better. ill have to find someway to get
pictures to you guys so you can see some stuff, i dont have many cuz
they wont let you take pictures here. something about looking like a
tourist and thieves targeting tourists. but its way different here.
the food is amazing. and its gotten to the point where i dont even ask
what it is i just eat it, im that hungry. but they always have some
sort of meat and its always really good and they always have fresh
tropical fruit like papaya and mangoes, which are my new favorite, or
others and its so good. and theres always rice and beans, that never
changes from meal to meal. but all they have for breakfast every
morning is ham and cheese sandwhiches. it gets boring but its food.
its only one building here too. it went from like 18 in provo to 1.
but the atmosphere is completely different. its so laid back here,
Brazilians are just like that. but i love the Brazilians so much. I
have two in my room, thankfully one speaks english, but all the ones
on my floor are awesome. The cant pronounce my name and they think i
look like the lead singer of Coldplay so they call me Elder Coldplay
Guy and they sing coldplay songs to me all the time its hilarious. One
of my favorites, Elder Maia, came into my room with his Ipod and
speakers and started playing the song called the scientist and told me
that its his forever alone song. But i have fun with them. they laugh
at everything we say and do, theyre always laughing so we hang out in
my room at night and I talk to them in my broken portuguese. Theyve
helped me out so much, and theyre always so nice about it. theyre
awesome i love them. but its alot harder here cuz all the signs are in
portuguese and everybody speaks portuguese and it gets hard to
understand sometimes but its getting better. and the teachers here are
Brazilian and have the sort of Brazilian laid back attitude. they roll
into class 20 minutes late and they dont teach us much at all. at
least not like Provo. its been hard adjusting to it cuz theres no real
set schedule. its more of you go and do what you want with your time.
and thats tough for me cuz i dont just want to learn portuguese to get
me around and teach people, i really want to learn portuguese. so it
just takes me doing alot more on my own studying which is always fun,
teaching yourself a language. Luckily I have the Brazilians. But I
hope one of the coolest teaching experiences yesterday, we were
teaching one of the fake invertigators and she was having problems
with her family and stuff and in the middle of the lessons i was
teaching things and using words that i didnt know i knew or had only
seen once, like sacerdocio (priesthood) I had seen that word once
before, and things were just flowing and coming out and she commited
to be baptized and all that and after the lesson my companion told me
that he felt the spirit so strong when i was teaching. it was awesome
cuz ive never felt the spirit during these kind of fake lessons cuz my
portuguese sucks and theyre well fake. but it was really good to have
a lesson like that and it really boosted my spirits. but im out of
time now so ill write you guys more another time. i love and miss you
guys. i hope everythings going well keep me posted. Elder

Monday, February 6, 2012

Last email from the USA!

Below is the email from Kyle...his last from the USA before getting on a plane tomorrow for Brazil.  I love seeing his fun personality shine through in so much that he writes, I also love to see his spiritual side and the growth that has come in such a short time! 

Tudo Bem!
Portuguese continues to do dirty things to me, and my companion, Elder Rhodes, continues to just do nothing...at all...ever!  During language study he's writing letters, during classroom time he's drawing pictures of dragons.  He wonders why his Portuguese stinks!  I've tried to get him to do things and every time he tries to pray in English I make him start over in Portuguese.  It's so hard to be mad at him though.  We had a little district pow wow the other night, just kind of a more in depth look at each other and he started crying.  He said his only friend growing up was his older brother.  His Dad was in the military so they moved a lot.  He told us that I remind him of his brother.  And on top of that, one of his good friends from Layton died in a car accident on Thursday I think.  So it's been a rough go for him.  Every time I want to hate him, I can't!  Then I remind myself that I leave for Brazil tomorrow and I get a new companion...problem solved!

It's weird leaving tomorrow.  I've got such a great district and zone.  Our zone leaders, Elder Perkins and Elder Gooch are so tight!  Elder Perkins walks around with spoons shoved down his watch band and at random times he'll just throw spoons at people...haha.  So in retaliation we fashioned a catapult out of stretchy band and a chair and fired laffy taffy's (the nasty yellow ones that nobody likes and yet they continue to make).  It was all fun and games until we shot one through a pillow...then we decided that it wasn't such a good idea to shoot it at people.  But we established dominance of the dorm so it all worked out.

I continue to dominate at 4 square.  The MTC is the only place that it's acceptable for 20 year olds to play 4 square.  During my reign as king of the square (I prefer dictator) I found a worthy nemisis...a 200 pound sister, I don't know what her name is but we are all scared of her...but she cheats!  She catches the ball, winds up and baseball throws it at people.  But one of the funniest things I've ever heard happened during gym.  There's an Elder that left for Brazil today, Elder Nicholayson, who is one of the funniest people I've ever met.  During 4 square he got the kid that nobody likes out and yelled "3rd Nephi Chapter 14 Verse 1 YOU SUCK" right in this kids face.  It was so funny because the reference is in the middle of Christ's ministry and we looked up the actual verse and it's the one that says judge not lest ye shall be judged, or something like that...so all around a great saying.  Out of Control!

It's been a pretty long week waiting around to go to Brazil.  It turns out our first investigator, Hugo, is our new teacher and he's not from Brazil...he's from Texas!  He has a really convincing Brazilian accent and he's a fantastic actor.  Way better than Elijah Wood.  He's the man!  He's more of like a fun teacher and Irma (Sister) Gonzales is more of the serious teacher that hates fun and everything that is good.  That's a lie.  She's coming around, she probably just thinks we are weird.  She kind of look like Mila Kunis.  I left her a little note, which she will find on her desk on Wednesday.  What does it say you ask?  Wait for me!  Hopefully that doesn't come back to haunt me.

The language is getting easier.  Hopefully being surrounded by Brazilians will help me pick up on more of the everyday stuff.  Spelling still kills me but I figure I don't have to write in Portuguese.  I guess on P-days they let you go out in the streets for street contacts and encourage you to just talk to people.  That will be awesome, seeing as the Provo MTC is like a prison and you aren't allowed to leave the campus...ever...except to go to the temple...but other than that...never.  Me and this Elder, that is flying down with me, have decided that we're going to eat as much fast food and drink as much caffeine as possible in the airport on our way down.  Hopefully there's a Taco Bell so my last meal in the US can contain a Beefy Crunch.  If not Chick-fil-a will suffice.  We're probably going to baptize the entire plane on our way down to Brazil.

Alright...well I love you guys.  I'm doing my best to keep on keeping on.  It gets a little rough and I want to kill myself 83% of the time, but I know this is where I'm supposed to be and as soon as I get the language sort of down, the hardest part will be over.  There is an Elder Murray in my zone who is going to Teresina as well, who I swear is going to be an apostle someday.  Everything this guy says is like awesome and speaks to my soul.  He was talking to me about how he was feeling all good and everything and his 2 companions and him were teaching a lesson and his companions are fluent in Spanish so Portuguese was no big deal for them.  Elder Murray was only thinking about what he was going to say, and when it finally came time for him to talk he froze up and couldn't say a word.  The moral of his story is quit worrying about yourself.  Not once while Jesus was on the earth (or ever for that matter) did he ever think about himself.  Even on the cross he was more worried about the 2 guys next to him and the rest of the people.  So I need to forget about myself and worry about whats best for my companion and especially the investigator and the rest will fall into place.  Elder Murray leaves the MTC next week and his visa still hasn't come through.  Hopefully it does soon, he deserves it!

But I love you guys.  Thanks for the love and support.  I couldn't do it without you all!
Ta bom. Deus ama voces<----gift of tongues (I probably didn't say it right, but it will do!)

<3 Kyle

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The VISA has arrived!

Kyle's VISA has arrived!!  After less than a week in the Provo MTC, his visa to go to Brazil has come.  By the time we flies out, he will have been there for a day short of 2 weeks.  He leaves this coming Tuesday, February 7, 2012.  Below is a copy of his email with this exciting news along with some funny stories and most important,  his words of excitement over hearing Elder Holland and Elder Nelson speak at the 50th anniversary of the MTC.  He actually joined the choir so he could have good seats at this event...WOW!

Herro prease.
I am emailing you today because they refuse to let me call home to tell you that I am leaving the country.  Absolutely ridiculous I know.  Elder Kamalu got to call home, but they refuse to let me.  I am not happy!  I don't understand why they will let one Elder and not another.  So instead of taking 5 minutes to call, I'm going to take like 30 minutes and send a really long email instead!

 But yeah so my visa came through last night (January 31st) and I picked it up this morning.  I leave Tuesday at 8am for the MTC in Sao Paulo.  I'm so excited to go there.  On P-days they allow you to walk around the city and talk to people to work on your Portuguese.  It's weird, like I'm excited to go but at the same time I've really gotten used to Provo and I really like my district.  I got blessed with some amazing guys that are all around just quality guys.  I mean I've learned so much already in such a short time it's ridiculous.

A few funny stories for your reading pleasure.  So Elder Kamalu and I are teaching our investigator, Hugo, the other night.  (he's fake, he's a member, I think an RM.  But he's from Brazil and doesn't speak any English (so he says...)) but I had been holding in this fart all night and we had been teaching him for like 45 minutes.  It felt like one of those that would just pass without a sound...definitely made a sound, and everybody heard.  I was dying!  I had no idea what to do.  Hugo was laughing and Kamalu was mad because it was like mid lesson.  We were teaching Hugo about repentance and the 5 steps of repentance.  (you know like saying you messed up, praying to God for forgiveness...that whole thing) So for the rest of the time after every step, Hugo would ask me if I had done all that to repent of my fart.  So embarrassing, but easily the funniest thing that has probably ever happened to me looking back on it.  But another funny story, we taught Hugo again tonight and I have my new companion, Elder Rhodes, who doesn't know the language nearly as well as Kamalu and I.  So basically, I'm going in there solo hoping for the best.  I roll in there with my little lesson in hand and just get torn apart.  We are trying to commit him to baptism and we've been leading up to it, so I was teaching him about taking Jesus' name upon us and the benefits from being baptized and I asked if he understood what I was saying and he was like "no!"  So I asked which part confused him and he said todo...which roughly meant the entire thing.  I died a little inside cuz everything I was teaching him came straight out of preach my gospel.  So how much more straightforward can you be and I have nowhere near the vocabulary to explain what I was teaching cuz it was a pretty simple lesson and I didn't plan for him to not understand a thing.  I did my best and after 20 minutes of stumbling step by step through my lesson we were kinda on the same page...I think.  But he said he has a desire to be baptized but he isn't sure so I challenged him to pray about it to receive an answer and he accepted but easily the roughest time I've ever had talking to another person about anything.  Pretty much if he doesn't answer the way I want to I'm toast cuz my entire lesson right now is scripted and written down on a paper.  I can't really talk and I don't really understand what he says sometimes so mostly we just nod along and agree occasionally.

So we now have an hour of gym everyday which is awesome cuz I get to play four square (yeah haven't played that since 2nd grade and its still awesome) and me and Elder Barton slay!  Pretty much all the Sisters are running on the track or just sitting around doing "yoga" (aka sitting on a mat and stretching occasionally).  All the athletic Elders play basketball.  I decided that since I stink at basketball to make myself feel better I would destroy all the unathletic Elders at four square.  If Jesus played four square, I would be his Sensei!  I'm like the Michael Phelps of four square!  Today during four square there was this one Elder that was really making me mad cuz he took MTC four square way too seriously!  Like this guy thinks every game is the Olympic four square, so everytime he got in I would take it upon myself to get him out.  So he flipped out and yelled something about giving him a muffin basket and me spitting in his face?  It was a ggrreeat analogy haha.  Not my favorite kid...he best watch out tomorrow, I'm gunning for him.

On a serious note...devotional last night, AMAZING!  Elder Fry and Rhodes and I were in the missionary choir (you were guaranteed a seat inside the gym if you were in the choir) unfortunately Elder Barton didn't get a seat :( There were rumors all week about who was going to come speak because it was the 50th anniversary of the MTC and it turned out Elder Holland AND Elder Nelson came.  So cool!  Like when they walked in the room it was like a punch in the face from the spirit, it was so strong!  Those two men filled an entire gym of several thousand people with the spirit.  Anyway...we sang our song which was so good (precious Savior, dear Redeemer) and then Elder Holland spoke.  Seeing him on TV during conference and stuff doesn't do him justice!  He is easily the most powerful speaker I've ever heard.  Everything the man said was so awesome and pierced straight to my soul.  He said so much good stuff!  Hopefully they have a recording of it available because you guys should watch it, there is so much stuff I don't even know what to type.  I think my favorite part was about the history of the MTC and missionary work.  Elder Holland said "each of you stands tall on the shoulders of those giants that came before you" and stuff about how we would be doing them injustice if we didn't go out and give it our all.  Yeah powerful stuff!  Oh and he mentioned how we share the same title with him, kinda a big deal!  Elder Nelson was sooooo good too.  He was telling stories about the first missionaries that would go places and just baptize entire cities and thousands of people and served like 4 missions...I don't think I have it so rough anymore.  But it's like they cast this enormous shadow and am I going to baptize thousands?  Probably not.  But they did, why can't I?  Kinda cool to think about it.  It was just so crazy hearing from not one, but two General Authorities in my first devotional.  Oh yeah...kind of a funny side note, but Elder Nelson dedicated 5 buildings at the end and it was seriously like a 10 minute long prayer.  How can anybody pray that long?  Then there was a Sister missionary that had to give the closing prayer.  How do you follow up a prayer like that from a General Authority!  I don't know.  There was so much awesome stuff said and it was great cuz me and my district have been feeling so down recently, just about the language and stuff and Elder Holland got up there and got us all pumped to go out and baptize people and it was so cool getting to listen to an apostle in person.  But seriously see if there is a link to it on the church website or something and watch it cuz seriously I took like 2 pages of notes (it wasn't a long devotional) and I couldn't keep up with all the awesome stuff they said and so see if you can watch it.  And as an added bonus, I was on the screen during the song apparently, so you will get to see me singing my heart out!
You need to read the story of the Strippling Warriors (Alma 53)...again...amazing...you're welcome!
Ruvvvv you!  Elder Kyle

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


On Friday January 20, 2012 we got word from the missionary travel department that Kyle's visa would not make it in time for him to fly to Brazil as scheduled.  They immediately made flight arrangements for him to go to Provo.  When I mentioned that his Dad would be flying from Spokane on a 6:05am Delta flight on the 25th, they immediately said they would put Kyle on that flight as well.  It worked out great!  Mom, Megan, Colin & Nathan (and of course Lola) all said our good-byes that morning as we dropped them off at the airport.  After Kevin and Kyle landed in Salt Lake, they rented a car & went to pick up Jessica.  Jessica's husband Ryan brought Sammie (Kyle's german shepherd dog that he gave to Ryan & Jessica) to visit Kyle for one last time.  After that they met Uncle Jason & Aunt Natalie for lunch.  Kyle arrived at the Provo MTC around 1pm.  It was a fast paced day, but it was good for him to be surrounded by so many loved ones!