Monday, October 29, 2012

The work is tough

Sounds like the work is tough...but as always Kyle is working his way through it!

So São Luís is really different than teresina. Its a really tough area but its awesome, its just everybody is always drunk or crazy. Theres a lady that lives in my area that sits in the road and yells weird things at people that pass and when we try to talk to her she runs into a grove of trees across the street from her house and like just hangs out there. Everybody claims shes possessed its kinda funny.

So we had a guy this week commit to baptism, and hes super solid hes just a little crazy. He has to know every little detail, he doesnt show very much faith. So before I got here Elder Leite taught him everything like 10 times and he still doesnt understand how only our church has authority and stuff. So we are explaining to him that Joseph Smith received the priesthood and the other churches dont have the auhtority to baptize and he was like no the other churches do, not all of them but the major ones do. So we used scriptures and everything and nothing was working so we showed him the Joseph Smith movie and still nothing so now hes going to ask the other churches where they got their authority. Basically he's a goner. Its sad cuz he would be a stake President if he wanted to be. Hes super intelligent and everything hes just not willing to let the spirit tell him anything, somebody has to show him evidence. He wants to see the Gold Plates too. The bad news is he was our only real investigator so now we have to find new ones which really isnt very easy.

Other than that its going good. We are going to a part of town that has a beach and other things we are gonna go mess around its gonna be awesome.

I miss you guys alot, things are looking up. Its a really dead area and the President might close our area next transfer just cuz nothing is going on and the members dont help our group but we shall see. Ruv you byeeeeeeee. :

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