Monday, October 22, 2012

Adjusting to his new area

I love that he feels bad because he wanted to do more...he is definitely growing up!

My last comps name was Elder Silveira, another Brazilian. He was
really cool i liked him he was just really quiet. He didnt really say
much and didnt voice his opinion very much so it was a challenge but
we got along great, we never fought or anything.

So my last night in Teresina we had a family home evening at a members
house. I was saying bye to everybody and I was giving a message and our
recent convert, Josina, showed up (the one who loves father) and she
was all happy and listening and stuff and at the end I was like well
since Im leaving tomorrow to go to São Luís I want to share my
testimony with you guys. she sat up straight and stared and me and
started crying. Afterwards she informed me that I wasnt leaving and
that I was going to stay in Teresina in her house and that she wasnt
going to let me leave. Shes awesome. I dont feel like I did all that
much in Teresina. I left without really helping my ward grow. In
Imperatriz I felt good about leaving, Teresina I wanted one more
transfer to do some more work there. I was not satisfied.

Im now in São Luís with Elder Leite (Leite is milk in english hahaha
Elder Milk) hes awesome I really like him. Hes from Rio de Janeiro and he's
the man. Hes got 2 transfers on the mission so hes still really
excited to work and wanting to learn hes really cool. The only thing
is the area is really really really dead. I got here and asked him
what hes got for me and he was like not really a whole lot. We did
everything we could last transfer to find investigators and got
nothing. So I was throwing out ideas like did you guys talk to less
actives? yes all of them, ex investigators? yes all of them. Did you
talk to the members? only 5 active members live in our area and they
have nothing. Did you knock doors and make contacts in the street?
Yeah heres a notebook of over 100 houses that we knocked on the door
how the contact went and what happened, and only the ones that we
talked to somebody are in there, the houses that nobody was home or
anything arent in there. Did you fast? 3 times.......awesome. they
literally did everything they could possibly do to meet people and got
nothing. Its really complicated but it is what it is. Its gonna be a
rough transfer and alot of walking in the sun. Ive never walked so
much on the mission. I get back home shower and sleep, I dont have the
desire to do anything else.

Well I love you guys, I wrote a bunch of letters and now that the post
office isnt on strike ill get those sent so expect some letters here
rather soonish. ruv you and miss you guys byeeeeee

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