Monday, October 15, 2012

He got transferred!

 Change has always been hard for Kyle...but it sounds like he is excited about this transfer!

well I got transferred. Im now heading to São Luis, the capital of
Maranhão (the same state as Imperatriz) and from what Ive heard my
area is awesome. Im super excited cuz everbody says São Luis is the
best city in the mission for like everything and it was one of the
only places I really wanted to go but I really like my area right now.
I hated it at first cuz It was new and I didnt want to leave
Imperatriz but I love this place now. If it wasnt so freaking hot it
would be amazing. But unfortunately its super hot everyday. Im sending
a bunch of stuff home with Jean. I figured if hes going there I might
as well send some stuff that I dont want getting trashed or stolen. I
sent another hammock, all of my Brazilian soccer jerseys up until now,
and my nikes (we cant play soccer anymore so there is no point in
keeping them). My area right now is really hard but I really liked it,
we had alot of awesome members that im gonna miss alot, but im excited
to go to são luis.

This week was kinda lame. I spent alot of time at home cuz the other
American Elder was sick and couldnt leave at all so I gave his comp a
break and stayed home with him. It sucks so bad staying at home when
you arent sick, there is nothing to do at all.

Oh super funny story, so this guy last week was predicting that the
world was going to end Friday at 4 and was claiming to be a prophet.
So in a week he got hundreds of people to quit their jobs and sell
their houses and gave all the money to him and they all sat in front
of this guys house for like 3 days just waiting cuz he said those that
follow him will be saved. well the world didnt end, and the guy went
to prison to protect him from giant mobs. It was hilarious, stupid
people actually believed that guy. I dont understand why people refuse
to go to church on sunday but when some guy starts talking about the
end of the world they sell their houses and everything. I think its
funny that all the "prophets" that pop up always talk about the end of
the world, why does the world always have to end?

that was pretty much this week summed up. Im glad to be leaving but im
gonna miss this place so much. I think I like it better than
Imperatriz, at least with like friends. Thats the one thing that
really bothered me that my comp said. I was telling him that i wanted
to spend Christmas here and that it would be better to pass it with
like friends and family than in a new area. and he said well I wouldnt
call them friends more collegues. I found that really odd, I consider
alot of the people in my area my friends and I dont look at it like
that, they are like co workers or work tools. There was a difference
in personality. I really liked him cuz he worked hard, it was just a
different style of working. But it was good, he got transfered too so
im really worried that all our investigators and recent converts are
gonna get cut and the new elders wont take care of them. Im hoping
that the ward takes care of them.

thats all Ive got from you guys. Next week ill be in a city right next
to the ocean thats alot less hot (praise Jesus). love you guys

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