Monday, October 1, 2012

Brazilian hospital

There is a Brazilian return missionary that lives in Kyle's area.  He called me this week because he needed to get me a message from Kyle.  Before we hung up he told me how much he loves Kyle and how his fun loving personality is so great to be around.  He says that the members and missionaries all love him because he is so great.  He told me that he never went on splits with the missionaries until Kyle came around.  He says he loves to go on splits with Kyle and because of Kyle's great personality this RM is doing missionary work again!...yes, I cried!  I already knew my son was amazing but to have this Brazilian tell me how awesome he is was very powerful!

so this week im pretty sure i went to the worst place on earth, the
public hospital of Brasil. So ive had a problem with my eye for a
while, like ever since I got to teresina, and my normal eye drops
werent doing anything. So I go to like the medical place they send
missionaries and they didnt have their eye specialist so they sent me
to the hospital and it is seriously hell on earth. The door is an iron
gate with a gatekeeper you have to have like a pass to get in and once
inside theres like dying people everywhere. we are walking around and
im completely lost and wanted to cry. There was a guy without an arm
sitting on the ground another guy that was missing half his face and
just people waiting to die everywhere. so we are wandering through
this hospital scared and totally out of place when out of nowhere this
lady yelled Elders come here! Praise Jesus we are saved. she then
directs us to the eye doctor who told me I have a virus in my eye gave
me some eye drops and we left it was just a terrible 20 minutes and I
never want to go back there again.

Other than that it was a pretty normal week. We finally found a solid
group of investigators so we arent walking around in the hot sun as
much anymore. its really really hot here. the post office is still on
strike so I think everything is taking a little bit longer than normal
to get here, which adds to the whole package mess. we had interviews
with the president today and he told my comp that he should ready
himself to be a senior comp for next transfer which means one of us is
getting transfered and Im pretty sure its me sooooo unfortunately im
leaving the area soon I think. I actually really like my area. I
really like the members here. that guy that called you is Jean, hes
the man. I always go teach with him domingos and this lady that wants
to marry Jean (thats the real reason why I think Jean like to go teach
people now) but its alot of fun I love going and teaching people with
them. We got alot of less actives to go to church this week. Its was
awesome cuz our attendence was dropping quick and last week was the
highest its ever been and we did the math and without the less actives
we got to go the attendence would have dropped even lower, so it was
awesome to actually see what we are doing have an effect. Well i love
you guys and miss you guys like crazy. I made 8 months this passed
week, its weird to think how quick its gone. The transfers fly by now,
especially now that I actually speak portuguese and dont really have
any problems with the language, it gets better everyday. but I love
you guys byeeeee

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