Monday, November 5, 2012

He ate what...!!!???

This is obviously a hard area to be in.  I'm proud of him for working his way through it all!

So this week was rather interesting.

It started with this contact we made in the street. Our area still has
a few problems and we are trying to find people to teach so we talk to
everybody. So theres this guy sitting in front of his house blasting
music from his car, and we walk up to find out that hes drinking, hes
not drunk, but hes well on his way. We start talking to him about his
religion and hes like as you can see by my music selection Im
extremely evangelical....he was listening to careless whisper by
George Michaels, followed by Neil Diamond. I almost died laughing.

The other was lunch the other day. So theres a meal here called
mocoto, its pretty much like cow intestines and what not just mixed
together in a pot with water and some seasonings. I refused to eat it
cuz it looked/smelled horrible. And they were like its ok not
everybody likes it thats why we made some meat and stuff. So I load up
on rice and meat and everybody is looking at me really funny while im
eating and ask me are you enjoying the food. (I hadnt eaten anything
yet) So I take a bite and realize that this was not normal meat, but
it wasnt liver. And they're all making fun of me saying its very
important to the cow and I was thinking it was heart. And asked
everybody and they were like we'll tell you after. oh no. So I muscle
it down and ask them and it was tongue. I ate cow tongue. Its not that
it tasted was just a super weird texture and that thing was
huge. They cut it way back in the throat and it was massive and super
gross. So i pick up, they call it pancakes its like pancake bread with
meat and cheese and other things and it was filled with corn, the only
vegetable I havent been able to conquer yet. It was the worst lunch on
the mission. I looked at my comp (who speaks a little english) and
said I hate my life and he laughed. It was awful.

But a really cool experience. So this area is really hard and weve
been trying everything for three weeks. We marked a visit with a
member for 7 30 and we called him at 7 20 and he was like sorry I
already left I have other things to do, and then we lost our best
investigator. And I sat down on the sidewalk and gave up. My comp was
like hey lets go talk to an ex investigator. So as we are walking and
im pissed off we pass this lady packing groceries that I didnt even
see her, but my comp stops her and asks if she wanted some help. She
was like of course, I was just hoping somebody would help me. She was
super awesome and nice and we helped her pack her things back to her
house. When we got there she was like can you guys come back another
day and talk to me and my family. When we went back she was the only
one home and she was like oh im so sorry but my daughter went into
labor can you guys come back another day, I want you guys to meet my
grandson. She is the nicest old lady ever.

And then last night we found a guy who studied the church in depth and
is going to read the book of mormon cover to cover by wednesday. It
was a rough week but there was alot of good things. Im just glad its P
Day. love you guys byeeee

> he would get it to the mission office so it could get delivered that way.

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