Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Conference Week

 I love that my son love's conference!!!

I got an email from Tyler calling conference the Super Bowl of the mission and its so true. I never liked conference before the mission but now its like the greatest thing thats happened to me since last conference. I loved Pres. Eyrings talk and Elder Bednars talk. I think those were my favorites. oh and did you see the Larry Echo Hawk. That might be the coolest name in the world. So I watched it in english again. It was me and 4 other American Elders and 2 american sisters (well one is British) and it was way better than watching it in Portuguese. I wouldnt have any problems watching it in portuguese its just not as good I dont like it. We had to watch the priesthood session in portuguese and I didnt get as much out of it. Its also awesome because of the time change we watch it at 1 and it doesnt get over til like 7 so we dont do anything. Its just a giant conference weekend.

It was awesome cuz we had a lot of less actives and our recent convert thats been struggling watch the Sunday session. I think Elder Bednars talk really got to one of our less actives cuz he was crying at the end. The work is still hard here. The problem is nobody is married they just live together and say they're married, so they cant be baptized. But nobody wants to pay the R$80 to get married so we have a bunch of people like ready to be baptized that cant. Its really annoying. but the good news is our less actives are coming back, that will really help our ward out.

so a funny story for you. So we are teaching this 13 year old kid. And we always teach prayer is just a conversation with God, so he prays so cool hes like God I just wanted to thank you for this day and let you know that my parents are drinking again, they only drink when they get money so if you could make it so they get less money to not buy alcohol that would be awesome. just the way he says things during prayers is really funny. but I love you guys transfers are next week so we will see where I end up! byeeeeeeeeee

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