Monday, July 30, 2012

He got Transferred!!

Kyle never did like change.  Missions are all about change so this will be a learning experience for him!

So I got transfered. It was a very difficult move for me. I had to go
say goodbye to all the people I met all my friends and everything it
was rough. But Eliana emailed me and said they moved Elder Lied out of
the area i was in cuz the sisters in my old district got robbed by a
guy with a machete so they switched the elders and the sisters cuz my
old area was a really safe one. Im now in Teresina, the heart of the
mission in an area that the last missionary finished his mission and
didnt leave us with a whole lot so we are just starting over. oh and
its super hot. I think I might die its so hot here. its almost
unbearably hot here. theres missionaries that have melted shoes just
walking in the streets. My new comp is Elder De Los Santos....hes from
Argentina and he doesnt speak portuguese very well. He knows all the
words hes 100% fluent its just he has to have a problem or something
cuz nobody understands what he says. So he teaches an entire lesson
and the person will look at me with a blank look and then I have to
translate everything he said for them. Its so so so hard. I speak very
well now but nowhere close to perfect so I have my own problems but
now I have to translate for him. We had a lady yesterday, she was the
first person in a long time that could not understand me (she cant
read which proves my theory that uneducated people cant understand me)
and a member that was with us had to translate for us both. Its going
to be a very interesting transfer. Im not all that excited about it
still. But my ward here has 155 people....imperatriz had like 50. so
it tripled in size. I live in a house with 5 other missionaries. Its
alot more fun that way. We all joke around and stuff. In a house with
just one other elder it gets boring and like awkward but with 6 its
awesome. ummmm I dont think I have anything else for you guys other
than I think I could drink from a firehose all day and still be
dehydrated and exhausted at the end of the day. I think thats all I
have for you guys love you!

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