Monday, July 9, 2012

Guest Speaker

This is last weeks letter...with the holiday I didn't get it posted earlier.  I love how big a difference he is making with his area.  It's great that he was chosen to talk to Ronny's class about English and now he can talk about the reason he is there and send referrals all over his District!  How cool!!

So this week was exhausting but it was pretty cool. So that English
teacher that stopped me in the street is named Ronny and ive started
making my English school tour with him. Basically I go talk to schools
in English and its cool it always ends up being a discussion in
English about the church and why im here. So we pick up people to
teach and pass them along to my district so it turns into a missionary
work type of deal. But there was like a giant book fair and Ronny was
giving a lecture about English for people and he wanted me to come
watch. So we go there and we are watching it and at the end he was
like we have a special guest who wants to talk to you guys about
English....that special guest was me, and I didnt want to talk to a
crowd of 100+ people. So im up there and he told me to motivate them
in English to learn English. So im talking in English you know no big
deal and then Ronnys friend Estelito was like alright now hes gonna
say all of that in Portuguese. So I gave a lecture in Portuguese about
learning English. It was pretty cool and also really terrifying. But
it was cool I went through like a 10 minute lecture with no problems.
Ronny has pictures of it so im gonna try to get them from him, it was
pretty funny. But this week we were running around in the sun all day
and it was awful. Last night I collapsed in my hammock and didnt wake
up until 10:30. And I got news that Im going to Teresina to get some
training...yay. My favorite 13 hour bus ride ever. I hate that bus
ride. Its definately the bus that people take to outer darkness, and
Teresina. But it was Presidente Dias' last week on the mish. He left
last week but he visited all the areas with his family. Its crazy that
hes gone but ive heard our new president is awesome. Im gonna meet him
this week. Its just him and his wife, all their kids are grown up. So
they have a massive apartment with 5 bathrooms for 2 people, i think
its kinda funny. Oh and my soccer team is in the finals for the best
team in all of South America. I think thats it other than we are gonna
be baptizing the crap out of Imperatriz the next few weeks. That is

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