Monday, July 16, 2012

FINALLY got my packages!

 I'm thrilled that he finally got our packages!  I just wanted him to feel some love from home!  He also sent a lot of pictures this week...I will post all of them as well.  A lot of them are from the English class that he was the guest speaker.  The rest look like they were from zone conference.

ok so i got the 2 packages, I had to call the president to get them
picked up cuz i was told they were just sitting in the post office but
i got 2 packages and the large envelope of letters and another
handwritten letter from you so it was like christmas here. The week
was alot better. we finally baptized Eliana! I first met her in April
and she passed a baptismal interview at the end of April she just
didnt want to be baptized. So me and elder azevedo worked really hard
with her for 3 months and she was finally baptized. it was a special
experience. the whole ward loves her. her husband is a doctor and they
have more money than i think they know what to do with. but shes not
like a snobby rich person. she buys us medicine when we are sick she
always feeds us if we dont have lunch, everytime we go there she makes
us food or something. the ward had a service project and asked her to
donate 10 kilos (22 pounds) of rice and beans, she donated 50 (110
pounds) of food. just cuz thats the kind of person she is. Shes
awesome. After her baptism she gave me a hammock and told me to never
forget her family, good thing i didnt cry......but that was for sure
the best part of the week, and i think my mission so far. Things have
come together as far as the work goes. Elder Lied is going to be a
really good missionary. he learns really fast and he just has
instincts on what to. And the time just flew by. We have transfers next
week. luckily I'm training so theres a really good chance that I'll stay
here for another transfer. I'm really happy about that. Its going to
be weird to leave here. I have family here now, I'm gonna spend a
quarter of my mission here. its sad thinking about leaving but its
cool I'll be here until september. Thats pretty much all I have from
Imperatriz but i love you guys byeeee

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