Monday, July 23, 2012

Will he be transferred?

 I am sure it is such a feeling of anxiety not knowing if you will be transferred or not!  It sounds like he would like to stay for one more transfer period.  I guess we shall see!

so we have transfers today. I dont know if im staying or going again.
it drives me nuts. Ive really grown to love Imperatriz. its known as
the worst city on the mission but i love it. the people here are so
awesome, yeah its over 100 degrees everyday and all we do is walk
around in the sun but its cool. Lets see cool or interesting things
that happened this week....i dont think there was any. We have alot of
solid investigators that weve found, and if i stay theres gonna be
baptisms in the next few weeks, if not theres still gonna be baptisms
i just wont be a part of them. Oh yeah one of my shoes broke. the heel
came apart kind of. im gonna take to somebody that fixes shoes. I dont
think theres any kind of shoes made to withstand brasilian streets. i
feel bad for my shoes. oh yeah tell alan that i saw him playing with
Mo Tab. there was some special and i was watching it in our chapel and
there was a few pretty good close ups of him. ask him if the main
singer has been baptized yet, if not he needs to introduce me to her
so i can baptize her.....and get married. Oh yeah funny story so we
were talking to a guy this week about getting help from God and he
said something along the lines of God helps people, and satan does
too. It just depends on how you look at it so as long as im getting
help from somebody im good. Kind of a funny way to look at it. Well
thats pretty much all I have from here. Next week I could be in a
different place. I hope not but who knows. Love you guys byeeeeeee

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