Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Address

Kyle is adjusting to all of the changes that happen with a transfer.  He also sent us a new address for letters and packages:

Missão Brasil Teresina A/C
Elder Kyle Hal Rindlisbacher
CPX: 2321
Teresina PI
CEP: 64001-973

OMG its so freaking hot here. Its out of control hot. I dont know how
people live here. Its hard cuz we dont live in our area, we live about
10 minutes away from our area and its a huge area. So we spend all day
walking in the sun and it stinks, its a good thing i have sunscreen
now. I can feel myself getting skin cancer, i feel like sunscreen just
slows down the inevitable. But its crazy how different the people are
here. Like everybody welcomes us in they are all so much more open to
hearing about our church and everybody gives us coke or something. And
ive finally come to the realization that i am addicted to coke. At
first i denied it but now I know, but its not my fault. EVERYBODY
gives it to us. And pepsi doesnt exsist here. Its super hard to find
pepsi and nobody likes it very much. But the hardest part now is our
house. I live with 6 missionaries and its awesome cuz theres always
funny stuff going on like it never gets awkward but the culture
differences flare up sometimes. The Brazilians culture is if they find
it its theirs or if its in the fridge its free game. American culture
is ask first. So I come back to the house one day and somebody drank
all my pepsi and ate half my loaf of bread. For them its no big deal
but that made me mad. They throw a massive fit and freak out when i
brush my teeth in the kitchen when the bathroom is full but drink a
whole 2 litre of pepsi and its ok. That and the one thing that drives
me nuts about brazilians is they dont flush toilet paper. They throw it
in a trash can next to the toilet. It grosses me out. And I was
assigned to clean the bathroom today. not cool. it is what it is but
it gets really hard dealing with culture differences cuz like we dont
understand each others cultures very well. Im used to the toilet paper
thing like there is nothing I can do about that but people eating all
my food is crossing many lines. I watched a little bit of the
olympics, USA beat brasil in volleyball. That was a strike to their
pride cuz all they have in the world of sports is soccer and
volleyball. Good thing the US dominates in everything. Oh and i saw my
first chicken foot in my foot this passed week, oh Brasil. everybody
ate meat in Imperatriz so i never ate that much chicken but here
everybody eats chicken and as I look down into the pot of chicken
there was a foot just chillin in there. I gladly passed on the
chicken. If Teresina wasnt so hot it would be awesome, but I dont know
how long im gonna last in the heat. Ive already lost over 10 pounds.
all of my muscle mass is gone, which leaves me with just skin and
bones. It gets me more food which is great for me. But I love you
guys, I hope the move went well and that you guys are all settled in.
Just remember no matter how hot Arizona is, Teresina is hotter. And
nobody has AC. just fans. until next week!

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