Tuesday, July 10, 2012

His Soccer Team Won!

He had mentioned in an earlier email that his soccer team was in the Championships.  Apparently they won and he was in Teresina for training so he got to witness some of the festivities!

COOOOOOOORRRRRRINTHIANS!!!!!! my team won the championship here. I was
in Teresina when it happened and it was the craziest thing ive ever
witnessed. After goals are scored they go nuts and shoot off
fireworks, after the first goal there was about 20 minutes of straight
fireworks. But the best part was after they won (at 1 in the morning)
everybody was going nuts. I watched a guy walk out of an alley
(clearly intoxicated) and set fire to a stop sign/the road and walk
away. It was hilarious. But I have a package in Teresina, the
secretary saw it there and didnt pick it up why i dont know but its
there, Im hoping the President brings it when he comes on Wednesday.
The bus ride to and from Teresina is the worst bus ride ever. and we
had a baptism the day I got back and our bus was delayed like 6 times
and I almost missed it. I walked in for the actual baptism. But we
baptized another little girl, shes the cutest thing ever. shes 9 and
she goes to church by herself. Her dad was baptized but he stopped
going, so he drops her off at church every week and leaves. I had no
idea she wasnt baptized she always sat by me in sacrament meeting and
always gave me hugs and stuff so it was really weird that she wasnt
baptized. Oh yeah and we woke up this morning to an Iguana in our
house. It was super cool and hilarious. Neither of us know anything
about iguanas, we dont know if they bite or what not so neither of us
wanted to touch it. But i picked it up to take him outside and he
flipped out which startled me and i dropped him, I then chased him
around the house until he ran under Elder Lieds bed. It took us awhile
but we got him outside into the wild. I still have no idea how he got
into the house. I love all the little critters we find in our house.
Only in Brasil do you wake up with lizards bats frogs and other things
just chillin in your house. But I think thats it, I love you guys and
miss you!

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