Monday, June 25, 2012

The busy life of a District Leader!

 So many adjustments with being a District Leader...a new companion and trying to keep the ward together.  It is humbling to hear about all his efforts.  I couldn't be more proud!

This week was a crazy one. I dont like being a district leader and not
being able to speak Portuguese. The sister missionaries get annoyed
with me when I dont understand what they say but really its cuz they
broke their cell phone and it cuts out every other word making it
almost impossible for me to catch anything. But yeah its super fun. I'm
now in charge of 7 other missionaries, 2 sisters and 2 americans. Its
crazy Elder Embree is like best friends with Kyle Brown and a bunch of
people from Spokane. He was showing me pictures of them down at BYU
and they're all going back to live together once they all return. Such
a small world. The life of a trainer is really fun. Now we do what I
say and that's awful cuz I'm bad at plans, but its funny how the Lord
works sometimes. We make a "wrong turn" or something and we run into
somebody. For example we took a taxi from another area back to our
area and I gave him the address of our church as like a reference
point not that we needed to go there. And he made a wrong turn and
missed our chapel by one road and he was like let me drive you to the
church but we got out just cuz we were gonna go walk around anyways
like not a big deal. But we ran into a girl that we only would have
found if that taxi driver had made a wrong turn. There's little things
like that that happen everyday. But our biggest challenge now is our
ward. Our ward is like dead. We have over 300 inactives and we have
about 30 more that are on the cusp of leaving. Bad news bears cuz
that's our whole Ward. We spent a majority of our time this week with
members cuz nobody in the bispado goes to there houses anymore and
everybody is feeling spiritually weak. And we cant bring investigators
to the church when the members are all down and stuff so now its more
of a save the ward thing. Its gonna be tough and we probably aren't
going to baptize many people but with the current condition of our
ward we aren't going to baptize anyways. But this week I ran into an
English teacher and he had me come talk to his class about the US and
English and what not. It was awesome and hilarious. The first class
was mostly teenagers and so a lot of the questions were like are you
married do you have a girlfriend have you thought about dating
Brazilians that kind of thing but the second class was more of like
how the people are in the US the cultural differences it was really
cool. And it was all in English which was even better. It was a long
week, and I feel like this transfer is going to be a long one. The
good news is I'm teaching 80% of the lessons. Elder Lieds biggest
problem is that he's smart, sometimes too smart. His examples and stuff
goes right over peoples heads. They have no idea what hes talking
about. Our goal is to keep things as simple as possible and for me
thats easy cuz I have a very simplistic vocabulary in Portuguese. But
the whole world loves Elder Lied, hes a really friendly outgoing
person which is what I needed cuz I still dont like conversing in
Portugese, I stink really bad at it. So he talks, I teach, problem solved.
He's fine I don't have any real problems with him. The only one is that
he touches me a little more than I would like. He´ll like walk down
the street with his arm around me or like hug me at random times its
weird and a little creepy. But that's an easy fix. Oh and Tang release
rasPberry juice down here. you know you're a missionary when new
flavors of powdered juice get you excited but Tang is oh so delicious
and has oh so many flavors its awesome. Well love you guys, ill talk
to you next week!

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