Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Will he be transferred?

So much unknowing...will he be transferred?  I just got back one of the packages that I mailed to him on March 29th.  It took until June 13th to be returned to me.  I will use the different address that he has given me to re-mail it.  I feel so sad that he hasn't gotten any of the packages and he isn't getting a lot of hand written letters.  I am in repentance mode!  I love this young man!

Still nothing with the packages and I havent gotten any letters from
anybody except Karch. I dont know if you guys have sent anything yet
or not but if you have nothing is getting through. But life goes on. I
dont know if I got transfered yet. Elder Azevedo just got the call
that transfers are in so now we wait until the Zone Leaders call. Im
practically wetting myself in anticipation. I think Im going. But I
want to stay. Weve met some incredible people here in such a short
time already. One of them last night, Dr Rogério, bought us pizza and
gave me sunscreen and when we were leaving he gave us each 100 reais
and was like in case you guys get transfered here and when we refused
he said if we didnt take it the missionaries cant talk to his family
anymore. So we took it, I guess theres rules that we cant accept money
from people but we didnt really have a choice. oh well, money for
soccer jerseys :D but hes awesome and everybody feeds us. We ate so
much food yesterday it was ridiculous. We had lunch with the bishop
and then had a BBQ with Paulo Thiago then another investogator made us
grilled cheese and then we had pizza. it was awesome. Unfortuanetly
tho our missionary work is rough. 2 weeks ago we had 10 baptisms that
I thought for sure were going to happen and now we will be lucky to
get one. Paulo Thiago needs to get married cuz he lives with his
girlfriend, Valdacir decided to return to his old church, Vinicio I
have no idea what happened with him, Evelin decided that she wants to
get baptized on her birthday in July (which I think is a scape goat),
and one girl passed her interview and just straight up said I dont
want to be baptized. So we will see how it goes. I love Elder Azevedo
and im gonna miss him but its definately time for one of us to move
on. And the odds point to him which in the mission means Im gonna get
moved. I love my area, the members are awesome and everybody loves me.
I have no idea why. I dont say a whole lot ever but people give me
stuff all the time. Ive gotten a portugese to English dictionary and a
Portuguese dictionary, some weird tea thing, a keychain, 100 reais,
and a bunch of little knick knack things. Elder Azevedo said hes never
seen a missionary get so many things in such a short time. Its
awesome. Oh and the dedication of the Manaus Temple was yesterday.
That was super cool. We got to watch it live. One thing I never knew
was that President Uchtdorf is hilarious. The things he says are so
funny. I was laughing so hard and I was the only one cuz the
translator didnt translate like the nonsense jokes that he made so I
was the only one in the room that understood it was awkward. But ive
only heard him talk in conference so it was way different seeing like
the normal person side of him. Super cool hes still the man. But thats
it from Imperatriz, Ill try to email you guys later if I get
transfered and let you guys know where im going. Love you guys!

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