Monday, June 4, 2012


 Obviously he isn't getting enough letters mailed to him!  Let's all step it up!  If you need the address for letters I posted it about a month ago on this blog!  I have a tendency to email him and not think about letters.  I have been told that missionaries love to get letters in the mail.  My new commitment for the rest of his mission is to send him at least 2 hand written letters a month!  Who's with me!!!

I think the A\C is the same thing cuz Im not there to pick it up. Im
getting letters from people, I get ones from Karch and I got one from
Samanfa buts thats it for now. The Zone Leaders are in Teresina
picking up mail so I'll let you know next week if I got anything. I'm
sending that package today, I got the present for you from the Bishop,
you're gonna love it. I forgot to talk about the food last week, I was
a little pressed for time. But I'm eating great now. We have 2
investigators that are doctors and super rich so everytime we teach
them they are forcing food down our throats it's awesome. We ran out of
money last week and had no food in our house but luckily we had other
people to feed us. This week was bad. We had an endless supply of
blessing the passed 2 weeks and that hit a wall. We had the font full
for one guy and he decided that he didn't want to get baptized, another
wants to wait for her birthday in a month but i have a feeling that
its not gonna work out cuz its like the 3rd time shes pushed it back.
The other is 14 and his mom wont authorize his baptism cuz she
hates our church. Thats one thing that has really made me mad the
passed month is how many people hate our church but they know nothing
about it. Our church is hated and all we do is help people, its
obnoxious and we lose investigators because of it. It would be really
hard to be a member here I decided. I'm hoping Alex gets out here. I
talk to him about every other week, he's gonna love it. I don't know a
whole lot about his mission other that its super hot but thats
basically the story of Brasil. I think Its my last week with Elder
Azevedo, Im not sure if its this week or next week. Im gonna miss him.
He drives me nuts 90% of the time but he's a good guy. He's tired I know
that but when I push him he works. And he's also alot like me with alot
of the rules. Im scared about getting a hardcore companion, I am
excited to get a new comp tho. I think it'll be fun. Thats about all
from Imperatriz. I love you guys. Oh and the US lost to Brasil.....not

oh yeah so funny story to include in the blog. So that girl I baptized
bought a puppy last week. What did she name him? Kyle. I then learned
today whilst at their house that he was born on.....March 10th. What
are the odds seriously!

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