Friday, June 1, 2012

Will they ever arrive?

I feel so frustrated that he hasn't received any of my packages!  I am ready to send another one and I'm unsure because he hasn't received a single one yet.  Hopefully this new address will work!

Presidente Mario Dias A/C
Elder Kyle Hal Rindlisbacher
Brazil Teresina Mission
Caixa Postal: 2321
64001-973 Teresina-PI

Thats the right address, im really worried that the packages are gonna
get sent home. if they do take out all the snacks and what not and just
send the stuff i need in one. and it turns out presidente dias doesnt
leave until july not june. He'll be back in my zone before he leaves.
I feel like I'm gonna be transfered in 2 weeks. We are working finally
and actually doing stuff. Our numbers are way way way better and we
have awesome investigators. we have one thats the coolest guy ive ever
met. His name is Paulo, hes 28 and he moved to Imperatriz in January.
Him and his wife live literally next door to the church and he's
awesome. He loves gospel douctrines class and he finished the
principles of the gospel book in a day and wants to be baptized. hes
the first investigator ive had that remembers names and events and
stuff. I told him the first lesson is to never forget Joseph Smiths name
and he hasnt. He even remembered Sammies name and I only told him
once. I gave him a Book of Mormon and told him to read Joseph Smiths
testimony and he did and then continued to read pretty much
everything. We give him DVDs and he watches them hes lovin everything
hes so cool. He gave me a cup thats for this special drink here and
hes gonna buy us lunch one day. oh and he marked his own baptismal
date, basically we havent done anything, if he could baptize himself
he would. his only problem is.....his favorite soccer team is the
rival of my team. But I am willing to look passed that. And we have
Vinicio. Hes 14 and loves the church and all the members love him. Hes
the funniest kid Ive ever met. Hes kinda like Paulo, everything we
give him he reads. His only problem was he drank alot of coffee but
when I went and picked him up for church he was drinking juice and he
informed me that it was because he doesnt drink coffee anymore. hes
awesome. Weve gotten really lucky and we are gonna have alot of
baptisms coming up. So i feel like now that things have turned around
im gonna get transfered. But things are going good. I still dont speak
portuguese. But now its to the point where intelligent people
understand my accent and its only like uneducated people or people
that are distracted by my blue eyes that dont understand me. so it
gets really frustrating sometimes but its whatever. oh and one of my
soccer jerseys ripped but i fixed that by myself. other than that
things have been good I hope everything is going well back home. I
love you guys byeeeee

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