Monday, June 18, 2012

He's a District Leader and Trainer!

 Kyle told his Dad in a separate letter that when he went to Teresina this past week to train and pick up his companion that President Dias pulled him aside and told him that "He's left the area of Imperatriz in my hands and to not let him down." I am grateful for the faith and trust that our Heavenly Father has in Kyle.  I know he is committed to the work and loves the Brazilian people.  He's told me so!  In case you missed some of the past posts, Kyle is going by Elder Hal (after one of his Grandpa's) he had to come up with a name that the Brazilians could understand.  Rindlisbacher and Kyle don't work in Portuguese!

Well the news is in on my transfer. who has two thumbs and
is trainer\district leader? Elder Hal. I now have my own district and
a trainee, Elder Lied. I saw his name and I wanted to cry cuz I
thought he was American and I was scared out of my mind but he's
brazilian so its all good. I had to travel to Teresina, 13 hours by
bus....not cool, to pick him up and bring him back. So I left tuesday
at 8 in the morning got to Teresina at 11ish woke up at 6 30 the next
day went to 3 hours of training to train, got my comp and left teresina
at 5. We got to Imperatriz at like 6 in the morning the next day, worst
3 days of my life. Brazilian buses stink I hate them. But Hes from Rio
Grande Do Sul which happens to be the rich smart area of Brasil. He
definately different than Elder Azevedo. Hes...interesting. Hes gonna
work alot which Im happy about, the only problem is hes a little
intense and odd. I was asking him stuff he liked to do before the mish
and all he did was study and work for the goverment. so like hes super
smart but hes kind of a jerk about it, especially with people that
arent nearly as intelligent as him here. But like we are fine. I like
living with him cuz hes educated has to have things super clean and
can cook just about anything. Im just gonna try to call him down. He
was bearing his testimony like 3 inches from an 84 year old mans face
for like 15 minutes and stuff like that but I mean hes new he'll figure
it out. I have no doubt. oh and my district has 2 sisters in it. I
havent really talked to them all that much yet but the transfer was a
disaster. We had 2 Elders stuck in our house without keys to their
house and without a cell phone. When I got back to Imperatriz I met
the Sisters stranded alone in the bus station without a cell phone
keys or knowing where they were going. Lucky I knew where they were
going and had their keys but my cell and their cell phone I brought
was dead. It was a mess but we got it all figured out and everything
went fine. But the work here is still a little rough. We had another
person pass a baptismal interview but say they didnt want to be
baptized. We have like 4 people that can be baptized at any time if
they wanted. Obnoxious. But it is what it is. They good thing is I
hate talking to people in the street just cuz Im shy in English im
worse in Portuguese but Elder Lied loves talking to people so we meet
tons of new people cuz he loves making contacts. Its kinda weird tho,
I was coasting off Elder Azevedo for teaching and stuff and now 12
weeks later Elder Lied is coasting off me. Now I have to take the lead
in teaching people and everything now. Its kinda cool and has shown me
how much I really know. With Elder Azevedo I never said a whole lot,
it was more of just me being there. Now I almost have to talk and
figure out what to teach. But the funniesy thing happened. I do
baptismal interviews for my district now and I think Elder Vitor is
getting a little desperate for baptisms, so I interviewed this guy and
it was going awesome until question 4 about homosexual relationships.
So I asked him if hes had a problem with that before and his response
was thats between me and God....I didnt know what to do so I asked if
he wanted to explain a little bit for me and his response was only God
knows. Basically he didnt pass, kind of humorous. My first baptismal
interview, good times in Imperatriz Brasil. But thats how things are
here, Im gonna be here for at least another 12 weeks it looks like.
Which is good I really wanted to stay here but I do miss Elder
Azevedo. He was a bum but I loved that man well thats all ive got from
here love you all!

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