Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More August 2013 emails

August 26th email;

So we had 2 baptisms this week. We baptized this kid whos 13 and a girl thats the sister of a member. The 13 year old kid is awesome. His name is Marcos, he stopped us in the street  a few weeks ago and hes been going to church and hangs out with us on P Days. But of course we spent 3 days without water in the whole city. And i got all excited cuz we got authorized to baptize in the ocean that close by. I almost cried cuz all I want to do is baptize in a river or something cool and I thought it was finally gonna happen but water came back right before the baptism so it didnt happen. :( but the baptism was still awesome. So my first week in Parnaíba a lady stopped us and said that shes a less active member that wanted to start going to church again. Shes 29 and has 3 little girls and they are so adorable. We go teach them and they listen and they fight over whos gonna pray and whos gonna sit next to who and when I went to that other branch they said that they didnt like the other Elder that visited them in my place. Basically I love these little girls and so they went to church on Sunday and I went and watched Primary with them, so we were coloring pictures and the youngest one (who is my favorite) asked me which soccer team I root for and i told her which team and she got mad cuz its not the same team that she roots for and she stopped talking to me. she spent 3 days not talking to me until I "switched" teams. They are super funny. Shes also mad cuz shes 7 and cant get baptized yet. Her sisters are getting baptized next week and she cant so shes a little upset. 

oh and today we went to play volleyball and I had to climb a tree to cut a branch that was in the way of the game and I got attacked by bees. I didnt see the bee hive like 10 feet away and they got mad. We were gonna go pirana fishing today with a member but my comp didnt want to so we are going next week. Its gonna be awesome.

Im glad that everybody is good. I miss everybody tons. I love all of you until next week byeeeeee

August 19th email

this week was awesome. The church opened a group in a city not to far from parnaiba but its in Maranhão the other and still like isolated from the mission but is part of my district. They dont leave their area for anything though, so we have to go there to help them out every once in awhile. So me and my district leader left on friday and spent saturday and sunday in another city. It was cool seeing everything there, the church has been there for about 5 months and the missionaries house is the chapel and doesnt have beds so the 4 of us slept in hammocks. its also the neighbor of a bar/farm so all during the meeting there was like pigs squeeling and cows and farm animals making noises. and they have to baptize in a river. But the church is growing really quickly. They already have about 50 members active going to church. But the missionaries have to do everything. Sunday morning we woke up and cleaned the house/chapel and then after church we had to clean it again. The 2 elders talk every week in sacrament meeting and everything is done by the missionaries. They loved having 2 more elders cuz we got alot more done. So i stayed with the primary and helped out the 2 sisters there. Its crazy cuz the lady thats in charge of the primary got baptized like 2 months ago and is in charge of teaching the kids everything. Theres things i didnt even think about before watching the primary like all of the songs we learned growing up are completely new to these people. shes did a really good job though. it was pretty neat seeing the church start up and seeing all these people learning new things. Its funny cuz the missionaries have only been there for about 5 months and already the other churches are nervous. The other churches started giving anti mormon classes. 

oh and my president is the man. I love my president. We had interviews with him this week. I always try to get him to let me play soccer but he hasnt budged yet, I almost had him but it didnt work out. I also tried to watch the Motherland play Brasil in soccer (the motherland won by the way) with the President....he also shot that down but he said that next time they play i can watch it. Its cool cuz we are closer to Teresina so the President comes here more. I saw the President twice in São Luís, but thats cuz its really far away.

Well thats all I have for you guys this week. Hope everything is well at home. Ill try to send some pictures home next week. Im to scared to put my memory card in the computers here but ill see what I can do. Love you all byeeeeee

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