Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Is it already September!

As a Mom I feel like such a slacker!  I can't believe how many emails I was late getting posted.  With this one, I am all caught up.  He is really enjoying his area.  The closer he gets to coming home...the more I miss him!  

Well unfortunately my comp got transfered today. Im super sad I really liked him. I didnt really like him all that much in the beginning like we got along well but towards the end I grew to love that man. Im gonna miss him too. I didnt get transfered, and I have no idea who my comp is. I dont know him. Hes relatively new on the mission. my old comp said that hes super cool, so thats comforting. other than that this week was really cool. We are trying to get the youth going cuz the branch is kind of dead. so we sent them out to do like missionary work. They are posting pictures on facebook about all of it. They are really liking it its cool to see them get excited to like do missionary work. I got sad though cuz we were just talking to everybody in the streets and this one guy let us in and his wife told us how the missionaries had passed there and taught them like 10 years ago and she showed me the book of mormon they had left and it was dated 2002 and she was like yeah I already read it quite a few times and i really like it but I dont want anything to do with your church so you can keep the book and give it to somebody else. and like nobody else really wanted to listen but it was cool to get the members active. Thats pretty much what we are doing now. We are working more with the members than investigators cuz its so hard to get good people baptized with the state that the branch is in. Its actually more fun here. I really like the environment of a branch more than a ward. I like the work more here.

Im so glad that everybody is enjoying all the baseball games whilst im slaving away in the sun everyday. I hope everything else is good with you guys. I love you all byeeeeeeeee

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