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July 8, 2013 post

July 29th email

So Im in a branch now. Its sucks but its awesome. We dont have a chapel, its just a house that they rigged to be a chapel. I dont know like its so different. Like just everything about being in a branch here is rough. Being in a ward is rough, being in a branch where almost nothing functions is even tougher, but I like it better. The members here are so much more humble. You can see that they really depend on the missionaries. My area is a hard area too. They had a real big problem with missionaries doing bad things like going to beaches and slacking off so the image of missionaries was really bad and its just now getting better. But theres alot of members that really like the missionaries, almost everybody served a mission so they know how to work. We have one member that spent all last week with us just teaching and it was cool, I havent had members work with us since Teresina. Piaui (the state im in) is also alot different than maranhão (São luís and Imperatriz). people here talk to us, its cool walking down the street and people talk to us. The people are alot more humble, its a super poor city but its alot more organized than most. São Luís is a wreck on organization. Here there isnt very many paved roads its mostly cobblestone or just sand so its alot harder to walk around but its kind of more interesting. oh yeah so funny story the member that left with us, Henrique, is scared of dogs (dogs here are scary) so we were looking for a house one night and we entered one street and a block away a gang of dogs saw us and started barking and then started chasing us so we ran away and we turned a corner turned around and the dogs were still chasing us. we had to run for like 5 minutes just to get away from these dogs. its was super funny. But thats all I have for you other than my mission got turned upside down with this transfer but its kind of cool, its different.

Oh and im gonna leave it up to you, if you want to come pick me up and visit my areas you are welcome to. I dont care its all up to you guys. Love you all byeeeeeeeee

 July 22nd email

yeah I got transfered. I knew it was gonna happen. Im going to Parnaiba Piaui tomorrow morning. I have no idea who my new comp is gonna be. Its an Elder that Ive never met. Im sad to leave São Luís but Its gonna be fun to go to a new place. Its also on the beach so its another city thats windy which means its not as hot, which is always a plus. Anyways its a pretty good chance that this will be my last area. Im upset cuz we just like found a bunch of work and cool people and then I got transfered. But it was a cool week. The couple we baptized a few weeks ago already read the book of mormon and told us that their new goal is to baptize their families.

Well thats all I have for you guys cuz we are short on time but I love you guys, Im glad that everybody is well and happy. Hows father doing? its been a few weeks since Ive heard from him. Hows the store doing? I hope its well. Well love you guys byeeeee

 July 8th email
yeah it was a pretty good week. We got a family interviewed to get baptized and everything so theyre getting baptized on saturday and Eliana came to visit são luís. It was good to see them, I havent seen them since like christmas so it was good to hang out with them for a few days. I was cool to show them to everybody in my ward too.
Its raining like crazy here. We cut like all our investigators and so we were like lets talk to everybody and see what happens and then it rained.....nobody talks to anybody in the rain. so like we spent all week waiting rain out and stuff. well thats about it. It wasnt like a super exciting week except Eliana coming to visit. I dont really have anything else for you guys....sorry ill try to have more exciting weeks for now on. Love you guys byeeeeeeee

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