Wednesday, August 21, 2013

July 15th email

So this week we baptized a couple. Its funny thinking about them cuz like theres so many people that are like awesome and dont go to church and this guy is like crazy but he went and got baptized. Like he flagged us down one day and was like hey are you american? did you know anybody that died in 9/11? do you know anybody in Iraq? If I wanted to go to disneyland what would I have to do? just a taste of the questions he asked. And so I was like hey church starts at 9 on sunday you should go and he was like can I bring my girlfriend and he went. both of them. And so we went to visit them and he was like I want to be baptized what do I have to do? It was awesome. Really funny cuz we had written him off as hes crazy and never gonna get baptized. cant judge a book by its cover I guess. Other than that the work stinks. We have nobody else to teach. like we talk to everyone and nobody wants to listen. But we have transfers next week and theres no way im staying here. 

Thats all I have for you guys. I love you all, I hope everythings good with you guys. Until next week byeeeeeeeee 

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