Monday, July 8, 2013

Soccer games & such

Soccer games...lazy companion...The work is hard but he continues to carry on!

yeah soccer games ruin everything. Everybody watches the games and drinks. Its hard to find people that dont watch it. So we just watched the games with members or people we found in the street. The brazilian team is amazing and super young. Its funny how defensive they are about their soccer team.

I would be ok with reporting to the spokane stake if they wanted me to. I dont know if I can but i wouldnt mind. and dont talk to me about toasty, I think its dropped below 100 degrees like twice my whole mission. I cant imagine going back to spokane and snow. good thing we live in arizona now.

The work is hard. My comp is really really hard. The president told me that I didnt get transfered because I need to learn something from him. Its just he doesnt think. Hes like a sheep. I have to tell him to do EVERYTHING. Like I hate nagging and like the other day I was  like ok youre in charge now and we worked for like 2 hours and he was like im tired lets go back home. Like the work has died since he got here. Actually everything has gone wrong since he got here. And he slept through all of church sunday. which was awesome. Its just like 9 weeks with this guys is way too much. That and the people here are all so freaking lazy. Like everybody always says "I know that the church is good and exactly what I need I just dont want to follow all the rules and stuff" oh and one of the people I baptized here told us that he doesnt want to go to church anymore. Its been a rough few weeks. I dont know what else to do to like help my comp. He just doesnt think which makes everything so much harder. Hes super difficult. And it doesnt help with all the things going on that shouldnt be going on. The stake is going to split and that is going to destroy the stakes. It isnt ready yet. Brasil has this like we need to split mentality so they are like cutting corners and not doing it right. And I talked to the President and he said that he knows that its not going to work but theres nothing that we can do about it. Its interesting. Other that all that its going good. WE cut all of our investigators cuz nobody is really going to get baptized right now. So its gonna be a long week of knocking doors and all that fun stuff.

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