Monday, July 8, 2013

Scouting and golfing and tying a tie!

 This is a letter he wrote to his Dad.  Kevin told him about Nathan's scout camp and about all of them golfing.  Kevin has also been wearing a boot around because he fractured his foot running :(  It was fun to hear about what he's studying right now.  Oh...did I mention that he learned to tie a tie the night before he left on his mission...true story!

Oh the good old days of eagle scouting. Good thing I still remember how to tie all those knots...... I do get asked on a regular basis to tie peoples ties tho. You should be proud to know that I tie them all on my own. I remember when I used to golf. Im terrible now. I went with Andrew Snider in california and I couldnt hit anything good. We watched the broadcast. It was a good one, one that was definately needed here in Brasil. The gap between the members and the work is rather large unfortunately.
Im studying alot about prayer in the book of mormon. Its kind of funny how the whole book started because lehi prayed. That and its probably the most cited act in the scriptures. and im also studying alot about the life of peter in the new testament. He was the man.

Well im glad you are out of your boot, dont do anything too crazy now. I also started working out recently and im super sore now. its funny how a year and a half without doing anything but walking is not good for you. Well love you dad hope everything is well with you and the store. byeeeeeeeee

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