Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What to send...

We've been trying to figure out what to send a member in his area.  Because 2 of Kyle's packages were returned we are mailing stuff to this members house.  We talked with him on our Mother's Day phone conversation...he obviously loves the missionaries and loves our son!  A lot of this conversation is about this member and what to send.  

The beef jerky would be great and the Christ Statue. I dont know what he wants he doesnt really collect things but he loves all those church things that you cant get here. I sent his package today. He sent you guarana jesus and some fruit filled candy, its a fruit that only exsist where i am so its pretty cool and delicious. His birthday was yesterday, we bought him 5 baby chicks to celebrate. He said that in 3 months hes gonna eat them....
I sent all the soccer jerseys i have home. I sent one that is green yellow and red, if one of the boys wants it they can have that one, im gonna buy another one. The team won a championship and got a better jersey deal and the new ones are cooler. All the other ones are from my areas and i would like to keep them.
Everything is good here, im super tired though.  The zone leader set a goal to knock on 50 doors last week and we got it done but it was super hard. we also had this super cool family go to church finally. we have been working with them for weeks now but they never went to church because he was working and they finally went and they loved it. The transfer is ending soon and im pretty sure that im gonna get transfered now. not only that but ill probably leave são luis which makes me sadder. but it happens.
Well i love you guys, ill talk to you next week. byeeeeeeeeee

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