Monday, July 8, 2013

He is safe!

We were happy to hear that the rioting in Brasil was no where near him!

Yeah Brasil got pretty crazy these last few days. Theres alot of rioting in the big cities. They're protesting good things like lack of health care bad education systems and stuff but theres people that are like blowing stuff up and stealing and breaking windows or setting cars on fire. Luckily all the bad riots are really far away. There was protesting here too but it was tiny and they didnt blow stuff up or anything so it wasnt nearly as bad. its cool that they are finally taking a stand but theres like 5% of the protestors that are just wrecking things and doing it wrong.
The special broadcast was awesome. Its too bad that we wont be able to use all the internet or tablet stuff. If robbers found out that missionary houses had tablets and stuff they would rob us every day. The president hasnt said anything yet but im pretty sure we wont be able to use that stuff which is unfortunate. other than that it was really cool. you have no idea how awesome it was hearing the authorities say that we shouldnt be knocking doors anymore. There really is a more efficient way. Knocking doors is sooooooooo slow and it sucks.....bad.
The work here is improving. We found this woman who went to church once and fell in love with it. She is friends with a bunch of members but didnt know that they were member of the church and so they are really helping out. And we took the bishop to this families house to help us out and now this family is going to church and is progressing more. Its hard right now though cuz theres this big soccer cup going on right now and Brasil is winning so everything dies on game days. nobody wants to talk to us and everybody just gets really drunk. it sucks. especially cuz we cant watch the games, just listen to everybody freaking out.
Well thats all Ive got for you guys. I love you guys and miss you. I hope everybody is well. I had a dream about samantha last night...she died. and I cried alot. Basically she and Rora better be alive when I get back or I will cry. Alright byeeeeeeeeee

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