Monday, January 21, 2013

Hump day

We've been emailing Kyle about all our adjustments here in Arizona.  This week marks his one year of serving.  I gave up caffeine a year ago when he left on his mission...only to find out they drank it all the time in Brazil.  Now the mission President has changed that.  Kind of strange since the church has come out with a statement saying that caffeine isn't's a personal thing.

thats cool that you guys are adjusting. I really like my area and everything. we had an activity this passed week that me and my companion planned. It was a question and answer game and the person that didnt know the answer got a shaving cream pie in the face. It got hilarious cuz everybody got really into it. people were joking and having fun it was really cool.

it was a really sad week in the Brasil Teresina Mission. The president made it official that we can no longer drink Coke. We all knew it was coming but it came faster than we had previously anticipated. I dont know what im gonna do now to celebrate special occasions like the one year mark, birthdays, or P Day. Just one more rule that has been added to the giant book of rules.

We had interviews with the president this passed week. it was my first real interview with him. all of the other ones were like 5 minutes, these ones lasted until 2 in the morning....and unfortunately all of the buses stopped working at like 11 so we had to wait in the chapel until the last interview to get a ride home from the president. But I got to sleep in the next day so it was fine. This week was more getting this activity going than working. but we got a reference of a family that has 15 people in it. It would be super cool to baptize a family that big. WE also found out that half of our area has never been worked in. Our area is so big and so far from the chapel that the other elders never worked there. So we decided to give it a shot this next week and see what we can find.

I hope everybody is well, I love you guys. Only 1 more year! byeeee

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