Monday, January 21, 2013

He has an American companion

 He has his first American companion.  His last Brazilian companion was the hardest one he'd had to date so this is a welcome change. 

yeah its gotten alot better. Its kinda cool having an american comp.
we attract more attention. but the work has gotten alot better, we are knocking on alot more doors and making more contacts. its been cool meeting new people and talking to them. Ive really noticed how im understanding everything now. Its crazy how much of a difference just
3 months makes. We had a division with the zone leaders and all we did was knock doors. It was good cuz I had never really knocked doors before. I never did it cuz I dont like it but its actually kind of fun. It stinks when we get rejected but usually everybody is really nice about it.

Oh yeah last night while we were on the bus some kids threw a rock through the window. Glass went everywhere and covered me and elder Bird. Im not sure why they threw it, they were either trying to rob the bus or they were just being punks. Im more in favor of the latter.

It was a good week, we got alot done and put up good lessons and met alot of new families. The only problem is they need to get married to be baptized.

ruv you guys byeeeeeeeee

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