Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kyle's Birthday week

Here is Kyle's latest email from Brazil.  His birthday is this coming Saturday on the 10th.  If you scroll down farther and read my email to him first, then his email will make more sense.  It is good to hear how well he is doing...and a little humbling to hear how difficult it has been at times!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON!
(oh yeah...when you read about the pictures that were sent to me, I'm still trying to figure out how to upload them to my computer and get them added to the blog.  Stay tuned...they will be here soon :)

Idk if you already submitted my mission scripture yet but if you still
can change it to Ether 12:4 thats my fav for sure. I havent gotten the
package of letters yet, it will probably be here by the end of the
week. Tell Nathan his present is on its way, I shipped it last week so
it should be there rather soonish. and yes we do get to do sessions
and its awesome, we look forward to it everyweek. But no its in
English cuz its 95% English speaking missionaries (the Brazilians get
a different P-day) but today I got a headset and did it in Portuguese
and I didnt catch all of it but I got roughly 82% of it. It was really
cool hearing it and kind of understanding it in a different language.

Tell the Sniders that Im so happy for them. Ive thought alot about
them and im glad everything went well. But ask Brandy why she couldnt
have waited 8 days! And yeah the lady at Mr. Cheneys is awesome. A guy
in my districts Mom ordered a Pizza party for today too so now we have
a ton of pizza, we are so stoked. weve been looking forward to it all
week. My district hates you cuz you bought me pizza and a quad and
their moms dont. You are the best Mommy, seriously. I love you. Its a
lot easier knowing that you are doing this stuff for me when I havent
asked for any of it. It really does help, especially during those
tough times. but that lady is so funny, she always talks to me when I
go in and she does pronounce it funny but much better than everybody
else. My favorite is Irmão Romeu cant say sheet. it sounds like the S
word, so he was telling us a story about how for halloween he put a
sheet on his head to be a ghost.....but it came out way more funny. We
were laughing so hard it was hilarious.
 I will try to explain some of the pictures.
 the 2 guys that are holding me are Elder Goes and Elder
Morreira. Elder Goes is the one that doesnt speak English but is the
man. And Elder Morreira is the big black guy. honestly one of the
funniest guys ever. He told everybody we were twin brothers and it was
funny I miss those guys. Its been tough tho. Portuguese is such a dumb
language, I hate it so much. all the tenses of the verbs are hard for
example I speak is Eu Falo but I spoke is either Eu falei or falava
depending on the situation. basically theres like 10 different tenses
for each verbs. And dont get me started on the irregular verbs.

Ive been talking to Elder Dille, hes the doctor here serving a medical
mission with his wife and also the 2nd counselor in my ward, but the
day after I got here I went and talked to him and asked him if I could
go home cuz I didnt want to be here anymore. He told me I had to wait
until sunday to talk to my Bishop who was out because of surgery or
something. So I waited around til Sunday and then grew a pair and just
stayed. He gave me my midway interview on sunday and told me how proud
he was of me and all this stuff it was really neat hes a nice guy. But
yeah it gets hard but I know its only going to be hard for a little
bit and that the language will come in time. The language is the only
thing that Ive really struggled with. alright well im out of time so
ill talk to you guys next week, love you guys, send the Sniders my
love. byeeeeee

On Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 12:01 AM, Jami Rindlisbacher
<jamir@rivertonmusic.com> wrote:
> Elder Kyle,
> First of all the Sniders had their baby.  On March 2nd, Hudson David Snider
> was born at 6:45pm.  He weighed 8lbs 7oz and was 20 inches long.  Baby and
> Mom are doing great.  Brandy was cute.  She had me on the list of people to
> text.  I think she wanted to make sure you found out as quickly as
> possible.  She did read your letter last week and I know she felt terrible
> about your vans.  She thought you sounded well adjusted and was glad for
> that.
> Happy Birthday this week!  20 years ago was one of the happiest days of my
> life.  I can't imagine my life without you!  You are an amazing person with
> a fantastic personality.  You will accomplish great things in your life
> because of the person you are!
> I got a phone call this week from Brazil.  It scared me for a minute until I
> realized who it was.  It was the cute little lady from Mr. Cheney's
> cookies.  She wanted to check on which color to bind your scriptures in.
> She says they usually take 2-3 weeks, but because it was your birthday she
> wanted to get them done in time to give you this week.  She claims it is a
> local guy that binds them together.  I think that is really cool that they
> are so authentic...bound together in Brazil.  She says that she loves when
> you come into the store.  You laugh at the way she pronounces your name.
> She says she can tell you are going to be a good missionary because of your
> good attitude and kind heart.  She also told me that she would take pictures
> of you when the pizza's are delivered and then she would email them to me.
> It was such an exciting day for me to talk with someone on the phone that is
> contact with you each week.  One of those exciting things for a missionary
> Mom.  When I told Joyce about it, she was so mad.  She said she was never
> able to send pizza to her son in Uruguay and no one uploaded pictures and
> sent them to her.  She was soooo jealous!!
> I got the pictures emailed to me.  It was so fun to see Brazil and see you
> in your element.  You look so good!!  I wish there was a note with each
> picture telling me about the different people and the events that you are
> sharing with them.  The temple there is beautiful.  Do you actually do a
> session on p-day like you did in Provo?  Is it in Portuguese?  Maybe right
> before you leave into the field we can have them upload any additional
> photos to me.  I'm sure the lady at Mr. Cheney's would do it.  I would
> happily pay for it again.
> I miss you tons!!  Please know that you are in my thoughts always...and you
> will definitely be in my heart on the 10th.  I'm proud of you and where you
> are and what you are doing.  Keep up the good work!
> Love-Mom

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