Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Brazil CTM latest update

 Below is Kyle's latest email.  Soon he will be out in the field...I can't believe it!

I havent got any letters from you guys yet. I got the one from Grandpa
and Grandma but thats it so far. It will probably come tonight. I
would start sending things to my mission home now though. Its crazy to
thing Ill be in the field in 2 weeks. Next week we get to proselyte
which is gonna be awesome. Basically they just drop us off in Downtown
São Paulo for a few hours with a couple Book of Mormons and we go to
work. It should be alot of fun and could get interesting. Tell Dad that
he won the little whats gonna piss Kyle off more contest....I cant
stand Elder Lambert. And it kept piling on and it effected our
teaching so I was working on it and it got a lot better until last
night. We were doing a teaching exercise where we were trying to find
out our investigators problem by asking questions. And our
investigator said he wasnt reading the Book of Mormon cuz he didnt
have time which is code for I dont know how to read. So I asked him if
he could read and Elder Lambert slapped my hand away and got in my
face about asking "stupid questions". Had our teacher not been in the
room I would have punched him. I was working really hard on dealing
with his little things that bothered me cuz we still have 2 weeks
together, and then he did that. So he got to teach the next 3
investigators without my help. I didnt say a word or anything. Its
frustrating. God knows I cant function with people like him. Oh and I
got an email from my mission president....all in portuguese. I guess
he also has a sick sense of humor. Thank you all for the birthday
wishes, it really didnt feel any different at all. Except my teacher
Irma Pozete brought me a cake. Shes awesome, it was a really nice
suprise. But today was a bittersweet day. My Brazlian roommates left
again :( they were awesome and it felt like they got here last week.
Thats what sucks about being here 9 weeks. is every 3 weeks we get new
Brazilians so we love the ones we have then they leave and we get new
ones then they leave. It hurts my soul. But we got to go to the
Campinas Temple today. That was really cool cuz usually they never go
to that temple cuz its farther away. But the São Paulo temple was
closed today. It was awesome I got some really good pictures Ill send
you guys for your viewing pleasure. Its always nice to go hang out in
the temple. Unfortunately there isnt a temple anywhere close to
Teresina. Of course not. But other than that its pretty much the same
here. just hanging out in the MTC. My portuguese has gotten alot
better. I can now speak in the past tense instead of sounding retarded
speaking only in the present tense and I can use a little bit of the
future tense. But the language is tough, it definately stresses me out
knowing that I leave in 2 weeks and I cant really speak Portuguese. It
should be interesting seeing how that goes. But I love you guys next
Monday ill be out in São Paulo preaching. Byeeeee

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