Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Last weeks letter

This is last weeks letter.  I was in New York when I received it, so this is the first chance I've had to get it up on the blog.  We were a day late hearing from him...always a little stressful for Mom!  In this letter he talks about his opportunity to go out into the streets of Sao Paulo and teach.  It is so nice to hear his experiences.  Enjoy!!

ok so before i get into story time a list of things I have compiled.
1. I need sleeping pills and a tide to go pen, and an ipod if you can
get it and load it with various church music but not the most
important thing. 2 Tell dad I wont be impressed with his piano playing
unless he can master Hino de Brasileiro. 3 I made another letter to
the house but it was for Emma I just didnt have her address....oops. 4
I bought myself a little treat for my birthday in the form of a soccer
jersey. Basically theres a store that sells cheap ones for like 25
reals but they are cheap and not real or anything. So I bought a real
one from a shoe store for 90 reals and its beautiful. i have pictures
of it that ill try to send home. 5 Tell uncle Jason that there is a
Taylor Winn here in the MTC with me that walks around with a massive
belt buckle on and claims to have won it with Jason and that he ropes
with Jason all the time. Kinda a small world like that. we talked for
a few hours swapping Jason stories on the bus to the temple. Hes a
funny kid, total redneck just like Jason. 6 My quad in Portuguese is
probably the most beautiful thing Ive ever seen. It isnt like the
english quads. It is hardbound and looks like a book from the Vatican
Archives. I started reading it again and its gone much easier. I made
it through 1 nefí chapter 4 in a few days so its coming along. Its
like my prized possession now. And i also bought a leather case for my
English quad. Theres this guy that had makes leather scripture cases
for quads and he puts your name mission or other things on it and then
you pick 2 pictures you want to put on it. So mine says Elder
Rindlisbacher and Teresina Brasil Missão on the side and I have a nice
picture of my friend Jesus on the front and Captain Moroni with the
Title of Liberty on the back. Pretty freakin sweet I know. 7 Somebody
look up the São Paulo soccer teams Corithians and Palmeiras and send
me info on them. You have to pick a side and me and Elder Ray picked
Corithians cuz all our first Brazilian friends loved them and they
have amazing black and gold jerseys, which i bought. But we cant
figure out which one is actually better cuz you ask one teams fan and
they tell you the other one just loves drugs and killing people so we
cant get straight answers so somebody wikipedia it and email it to me
so I can figure it out before I leave.

Ok now to story time. So yesterday we
were supposed to go to the temple in the morning and do all the
regular stuff we usually do. But our bus driver was retarded and got
lost in downtown São Paulo and then took us to the São Paulo
Temple....which is still closed so then we had to drive all the way
back to Campinas. To put that into perspective, The MTC is
conveniently located between the two temples but a little closer to
the São Paulo temple. so basically we drove south to that temple and
then had to backtrack to the Campinas Temple. so basically it took way
longer than usual and we didnt get back til 3:15 giving us an hour to
go out and do stuff and I had to do stuff in the city so we opted to
Email today which is against the rules but its not our fault our bus
driver is retarded.

now to the really cool stuff. Proselyting. So me and Lambert are
heading out and we had sweet talked sister Steadman into giving us 6
extra Book of Mormons so we had a total of 10, we only passed out 7.
But we get up to this park at the edge of our boundaries and we were
both scared to talk to people so the first guy we saw sitting down we
went over and started talking to him and it turns out he already has a
Book so I told him to read it more cuz he wasnt really then we talked
about soccer cuz we like the same team (Corithians). And so we started
walking away when this guy in a truck called us over and asked us
about the church. He was on the passenger side and he was super
interested, like zoned in listening to everything we were saying. but
the guy on the drivers side wasnt really paying all that much
attention and was disinterested. so We started talking to him and
Lambert was talking and I noticed the driver was starting to listen
and pay attention. So Lambert gave the one guy a book and I asked the
driver if you wanted one too and he was like super excited about it
and when I walked over and gave it to him he shook my hand and looked
me in the eyes sincerely thanked me, it was fantastic. But that one
wasnt even my favorite. We left the park and wandered for a little bit
and talked to some more people. Its a crazy feeling theres like people
you walk by and you dont really notice them and then theres people
that you see across the street and youre like I have to talk to them.
Its kinda like Eagle Vision in Assassins Creed. But we were wandering
around but talking to poeple that are walking is really hard and not
very successful so we started back to the park and we ran into 2
women, one was catholic the other one was Evangelical and I was
talking to the Catholic and she wanted nothing to do with it but the
other girl took it but that was my first rejection. So we get back to
the park and we talk to this one dude and I took point on this one and
at first he was kinda hesitant about the whole thing but he took it
and I asked him if he had any questions and his question was super
long and neither of us knew how to answer it which destroyed my soul
cuz he seemed interested. But then we go talk to this other guy that
had two dogs and he shot down the book and acted like we were
bothering him. So I struck up a 10 minute conversation with him about
his dogs, which were beautiful, and it was weird hearing him talk to
his dogs in Portuguese. Like obviously they talk to them in Portuguese
but like I had never thought about it. But my favorite guy was Manuel.
He looked like Morgan Freeman which is awesome. But he was sitting on
a table by himself listening to music and I walked over and started
talking to him about the church and stuff and he was super cool about
it and really receptive. So i left him a book and made him promise me
he would read twice, and he promised. And we left and I didnt think
that much of it until sister Fullmer came up to me later and was like
do you remember the black guy you were talking to in the park, he was
intently reading the book of mormon like an hour after you guys left
which was like the coolest thing to hear. You usually dont get alot of
success doing these things and you dont follow up with the people you
meet, if abnything comes from it it goes to the São Paulo North
missionaries. But it was still super cool hearing about it afterwards
and still think that I could have made a difference in a persons life.
On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 12:43 AM, Jami Rindlisbacher
<> wrote:
> Elder Kyle,
> I hope all is well. I didn't hear from you today. I know they changed
> things up a little since you went teaching out into Sao Paulo on
> Monday...maybe this messed things up for p-day? Anyway...I look forward to
> hearing from you. You are in my prayers.> Love-Mom

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