Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The latest words from Brazil

 I can't believe how much I live for these emails!  Just hearing from Kyle each week helps me to carry on and brings me comfort.  He has been out over a month now.  Most of what you will read at the beginning is answers to my questions that I had emailed him.  Just keep reading...

I took a bunch of pictures and stuff this week like of the temple so you could see them so she should email you all the pictures today, she has my sd card. but yeah the 50 dollars is awesome. I got a cookie milkshake and still have like 40 dollars. i figure ill use it to send letters since it costs so much to mail stuff and Mr Cheneys mails letters cheaper. I mailed letters for alex peck nathan and sammie but i didnt have addresses so distribute letters for me as necessary. im still trying to figure out how to send nathans present home, but tell him itll be on its way today. And i knew Braun was innocent! so hes still the man. put Alma 26 27 on there. I think thats it but it talks about patience and missionary stuff.  Speaking of scriptures Im through the Book of Mormon so now Im in Ether I should be done with the entire thing tomorrow! Its getting alot more fun being here. Its crazy, when I first got here teaching the first lesson was a big deal with a bunch of planning and all that but now its no big deal and I can teach the first three lessons with no planning or anything. Its so cool how that works out. The gift of tongues is real. I can testifty to that. my portuguese is nowhere near perfect but I can at least communicate to people on the street. now understanding them is a completely different story. thats still a work in progress. But yesterday was really tough, story time. so last week they had a problem with a bunch of thefts like massive. Elder Kamalu got his ipod stolen and i got my ctr ring stolen (yeah i know why would you steal that) and we had our theories about who it was (Elder Rebeiro) and he left last tuesday with all my Brazilian friends. So i thought I lost my CTR ring and one night Elder Maia comes into my room and gives it back to me and told me he found it in his room. So yesterday I go to do service and it turns out the kid stole my Vans too! I was so mad Cuz I was talking to Elder Morreira and he told me Rebeiro comes from a rich family and has tons of money but he stole a ton of stuff and the MTC President thinks he has a disorder. But theres nothing they can do about my vans since hes already gone. I was really upset. We are in the MTC, if theres a place thefts shouldnt happen its in the MTC. And its worse cuz we were friends with that whole district (Elder Maia, Morreira, Alves, Goes, all of them) and Rebeiro was a weird kid but we were always nice to him and we grew to love him too. And then I find out he stole from me. Twice. But it is what it is. I got to participate in 2 blessings this week. We got a new teacher. Our old one was like the nicest guy in the world. Our new teacher just got off his mission and we are his first district so hes super hard but i feel like I'm actually learning more with him cuz he speaks English really well but he doesnt speak it to us that much. but back to the blessings. our old teacher, who we love, came into our room and said he was sick and wanted a blessing. so i got to stand in on that one. and Elder Sanders rolled his ankle really bad during gym and asked for a blessing. I just stood in both times but it was still really cool. I love being part of blessings. Our new Brazilians are awesome too. They dont speak alot of English, which I like cuz it forces me to speak portuguese to them, and he has me read his letters and talk to him in portuguese. And he told us that this sunday hes going to fast for us to learn the language which was really cool. I explained my frustration to him about the other Brazilian stealing stuff and he told me that not all Brazilians are like that, hes a really cool kid I like him alot. I hit my one month mark and my one moth left in the MTC mark, but the days are going by faster. thats only partially true. the weeks fly by but the days are still eternally long. Its a crazy time continuum. But im pretty much out of time. Tell Nathan that Im proud of him and that the Priesthood is the first step to something so much bigger and better. I hope everything is going well with the family. Love all you guys. oh text Brandy Snider and tell her that she and Andrew are in my prayers seeing as baby Kyle is due in a weekish. 
oh and a fun interesting Carnival fact. 80% of all beer consumed in Brasil is consumed during Carnival. That is an unearthly amount of alcohol.

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