Tuesday, March 19, 2013

He spent the week sick :(

Kevin and I went to the temple last week and I felt the need to put his name on the prayer roll.  Now I know why...

alright so this week sucked. I didnt leave the house like at all cuz I got super sick and went to the hospital. I havent been feeling like 100% for a little bit but this week I passed out, threw up, and had a fever and I stayed at home all day and didnt eat anything. So we went to the hospital and I got really scared cuz when the like reception doctor looked at me hes like you have diabetes and I wanted to cry.
But then they did blood tests and all that fun stuff and its just a stomach infection. Gastritis. I dont really know what it is still cuz I dont understand medical terms in portuguese but its not permanent and thats all that matters to me. so im now on like 6 medications and if i dont take them at the right times it becomes permanent so its kind of a scary thought. it also sucks cuz I cant drink soda or eat spicy food for a while. I dont know what im gonna do now. It got worse cuz one of the members from my old ward gave me jelly thats made from chili peppers. Its oh so delicious and I cant eat it. But anyways thats my life right now. I stayed at home all week and didnt do anything so hopefully my area didnt suffer too bad.

oh and tell Andy Vidmar that my comp knows him. Wesley Oliveira. He said that andy started his mission in my comps ward. he said he has pictures of andy sleeping with his dogs and that he loves him. small world.

 I hope everything is good with everybody back home. love you guys byeeee

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