Monday, April 1, 2013

Bible bashing and a Wedding!

It's great that he can see the difference in people and their attitudes.  I also love that he can see the difference the church can make in someones life:

So this week was really cool. We spent all week planning this wedding that we had on Saturday. Brasil isnt all that organized so we had to like triple check everything. but this family that we got married in November was like hopless and a wreck. The girl is 18 and the guy is like 23. They have 3 kids together and the guy is a member. He left the church and got involved in drugs and alot of bad stuff. And at like the worst part of it all he tried to kill himself. twice. So this family was at like rock bottom. just the worst possible situation ever. And my comp spent forever teaching and helping this family and we finally got them married and the wife is getting baptized friday.
it was really cool just being a small part of the whole thing. Like hearing the stories of where this family was 6 months ago and where they are now is incredible. I didnt really do anything. I showed up and we just got them to commit to a date to get married and baptized but like its still really cool. The changes that the church makes on people that really want it. Speaking of which we got a reference from a member of her friend that we taught a few weeks ago and it ended up being like 2 hours of bible bash and why he doesnt believe in the book of mormon. So we were like we are never going back there. But the member was like begging so we went back and it got way worse. Hes rich first off. But he loves reading the bible but he doesnt follow anything that he reads and he knows it. Like he told us I cheat on my wife almost daily, I drink alot, Im doing everything wrong but Im not gonna change cuz I dont want to. As he was explaining this his wife called him into the other room and he yelled "if you want to talk to me you can come here or call me" so she called him. But I asked him why he reads the bible so much if he doesnt do anything with what he reads and he had no answers other than making fun of me cuz im American. He didnt like me very much cuz I fought with him more than my comp did. I called him ignorant and arrogant and then left. It was funny seeing these 2 families and seeing the difference just attitude makes.

Well that was my week for you guys. It was pretty cool and conference is this week which is always awesome. love you guys byeeeeeee

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