Monday, March 11, 2013

Having faith in God's work

So many different ways to be a missionary!  Some just worry about numbers and others realize there is more to it than that.   I love that my son recognizes the need to help people and keep them active and going to church...not just baptizing and forgetting about it!  

Herro. well my last birthday on the mission passed. it was kind of cool. A girl asked my comp if she could hug me. yay for being american. He told her no so she kissed my hand instead.....Im not quite sure which is worse. It wasnt my fault. It was unprovoked. So we baptized Paulo. It was pretty cool. Its not like we really did anything. He came almost prebaptized. But the ward has befriended his family really well. Like they have FHE and parties all the time and his family is loving it so they will probably get baptized too. I cant think of anything really cool that happened this week. It was kind of normal. I have some videos that im trying to send to you guys but they are to big to send through email so ill have to do something else.

My comp is the man. We had a zone meeting and everybody was just talking about all the problems and the zone leaders were like your numbers are crap and you guys arent using faith in the work and my comp and my district leader were like which is more important, how many contacts we do or how many people we help? and my comp went off about how everybody has more faith in numbers than they do in God helping in the work. It was awesome cuz our district doesnt have bad numbers but we didnt talk about problems, just that all we are doing differently is working with more faith to find people than worrying about numbers. Our district is awesome. Unfortunately the transfer is only 5 weeks and im almost positive that my comp is leaving cuz hes been here for 6 months. :(

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