Monday, February 11, 2013

Two weeks of email!

Sorry I'm a slacker and didn't get last weeks email on the blog.  Below is his email from today and from last week.  I told him we had the missionaries over for dinner and we called them ahead of time to see what they wanted to eat...they chose pizza!!  I was excited because it was so easy.  I also asked him how his interview with the mission president had gone. 

you should always ask the missionaries. I like it when people ask us what we like to eat. Im trying to get people to make more meat. Its always chicken, Im getting really tired of chicken. I would kill for a good pizza or some cheap fast food. Its too late now but with the next package you send send more seasoning packets. Dont send more spaghetti, I have way too many and its too hard to make. Send the Pesto and others like that. It saved my life a few times.

The interview was good, It was about 45 minutes long and it was good.
We talked about alot of things and I gained alot of respect for him.
Hes a good President we just didnt get off on the right foot.

we havent gone to the coke factory yet, it was closed for renovations and this week was Carnaval. It was awesome, we had to get home at 6 and clean! I spent 2 days just cleaning the kitchen. It was really dirty. But now our house is super clean and we still have until wednesday to say at home.

Tell Nathan happy birthday for me. Im working on sending a box home.
Ill find something here to send him. And ill send something for Colin too. Its hard to find time to hunt these things down but we have a mall in my area so Ill look around.

Everything is pretty good here. We are working hard and we have some baptisms coming up. Hows the family doing? Rora is always stupid fat and ugly. Tell her if she dies before I get back I wont ever talk to her again. Ruv you guys byeeeeeee


I should get my package tomorrow. The zone leaders were in Teresina last week and I think they brought it. We get the mail tomorrow. Im trying to send pictures but it isnt working :/ I have good pictures to send. We had a service project saturday. It was the same one we did last week it was just finishing. but I took my camera this week and took pictures. Im also recording things to send to you guys. I took a video of our house and the service project to show you guys.

Well this week was pretty normal. This week is going to be horrible.
its Carnaval. A giant party for like 5 days. They are putting up stages everywhere and its gonna be a week of large alcohol consumption and not a good week to be working as a missionary. We have to go back home at 6 but we are gonna leave our area at about 4 to get back on time. All the parties have already started. I think its kinda cool I just dont want to be working in it. Nobody wants to talk about god this week. And they like to throw flour in peoples faces. Why? I dont know. Well thats about all ive got for you this week. Next P Day I will be making a tour of the Coke factory. They give you tons of things for free. and you drink all the coke you want. There will be pictures. and I will more than likely die from drinking so much coke.
love you guys byeeeeee

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