Monday, November 12, 2012

Rough Week

Rough week...this area he is in is tough.  I'm excited they finally found someone to work with!

So this week was rather boring, a lot of walking and all that good
stuff. Luckily São Luís isn't as hot as Teresina. The same old stuff,
the area is tough. There was a giant rally for another church and I
just don't understand the people here. The pastor was screaming into
the microphone that he received revelation from God that whoever gives
R$500-1000 in tithing to him right now would receive blessings and the
people eat it up as he drives away in his brand new Camaro whilst the
people are starving and struggling to live but they throw money at
this guy. And we are the crazy ones that nobody wants to listen to.
But we met an incredible family this week. It was the lady that we
helped pack her groceries last week. We taught her and her daughter
who is pregnant and her daughters husband. He told us that since he's
having a kid now its really the time to change his life and get it
together. They are awesome and happen to be the only thing we have
going for us. Its been a rough transfer and I'm pretty sure my comp is
getting transferred which stinks cuz I really like him. We get along
great and we work really well together. That's all I have for you guys
this week. Ruv you guys byeeeee

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