Monday, September 3, 2012

A second sun for Teresina?

I always laugh at his sense of humor.  Sounds like he had a rough week with getting sick and the heat, but he always finds a way to make us laugh about it.  I love that about Kyle!

So this week was a tough one. I got sick tuesday and stayed home, I got the
Brazilian poops and it destroyed my week. that and the bible lies. God didnt
create one sun. He created the sun for the world and after created a sun
much larger and much hotter for teresina. it was
115 degrees here this there is life here i dont know. but we've
finally gotten a group of good investigators together. That girl we baptized
is awesome, she tells everybody about the church and so like everytime we go
to her house she has somebody for us to go talk to. Its just a matter of
finding which ones really want to hear and which ones are just being nice.
oh and our lunch on sunday fell through and it was fast sunday but our new
bishop was like oh just come eat at my house. so we go and im throwing on
the rice and beans and noodles and then she brings out some rather delicious
looking meat so i grab like 3 pieces and start eating. I cut into the meat
and it was bright orange on the inside and i eat it and it was the nastiest
thing ive ever eaten. but I already took a bunch so I mix it in with the
rice and beans and start forcing it down. About 10 minutes later the bishop
looks at me and said oh elder I see you are liking the liver......I wanted
to throw up. I ate an organ thats sole purpose is to filter urine. It was
ridiculously gross. But it was food and fast sunday. Our ward got split and
is alot smaller now. We lost about 75 people, but all of the families I like
are still in my ward, we lost all the people I dont know. Today is
transfers, my comp already got transfered, hes going to açailandia, its a
city about an hour out of Imperatriz so hes going to my old zone. But thats
all Ive got for you guys. Me and the other American I live with, Elder
Stott, made a sweet patch to put on our bags, its super cute ill send a
picture next week when its finished. Love you guys byeeeeeeeeee

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